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Captain America and Rosie on their honeymoon


Capt. America has a turtle friend

Here are Marilyn Monroe (top) and Captain America (bottom). They are brother and sister from Savanna x Fonzie

Maverick, Pippi, Lucy and Fonzie

Maverick, Pippi, Lucy, and Fonzie

Gingers in the back

Pippi and Maverick as a pup

Anakin's graduation pic from training school. He is well on his way to becoming a therapy dog!

Lucy wrestling with her daughter Pippi

Chili and Dharma
It's play time!!

Goldie, Chili and Dharma having fun

Sophie and Delilah are great boat dogs

Ruby(a Doodle friend) & Fonzie

Dharma (dark chocolate long coat) playing with her boyfriend Fonzie(red short coat)

Sophia, Wendy and Dharma all grown up!

Sophie, Delilah and I at the Sacramento River (below)

Nelson with the girls at the river

Sophie & Delilah walking the ramp together

Delilah showing off at the dog park

Sophie having fun in the obstacle course. Can you see her?

Fonzie & Sophia

My Labradoodles and I at the snow

(left) Carmie, Sophie, Delilah (right)

Gene Simmons got nothing on our Sophie, lol

Carmella & her daughter Delilah sleeping on the couch

Labradoodles at play       

Hana Lei-now retired (1 yr.) & Aussie (6 months)

Hana Lei doing her therapy work with my grammy just before her passing

Labradoodle Story's California Gold Rush

Labradoodle   Story's   Captain  America

Labradoodle Story's Lil Mermaid Ariel

Labradoodle Story's Pippi Longstocking "Pippi"


Labradoodle Story's Eternal Rose "Rosie"


Rosie as a pup

Labradoodle Story's Spicy Ginger

Ginger with her guardian family


Ginger as a youngster:


Brasken's Red Hott Chili Pepper



Jubilee's Surfing with Mavericks

Mav and Fonzie are buddies :)

Labradoodle Story's I Love Lucy

Labradoodle Story's Wendy

sporting a short cut (above)
Wendy as a Teenager:



(baby pics)


Laradoodle Story's Dharma

Dharma as an adult

Dharma 6 months old


Dharma as a youngster


Calyso Breeze GoldiLocks "Goldie"

Goldie relaxing after a long ball throwing session,
Chili in the background ready to go again!



Labradoodle Story's Delilah (Dharma's Mama)


Delilah as a teenager:


Delilah as a puppy:

Ashford Manors Anakin:


Puppy Loves Fonzie:


Fonzie is a snuggle bug with my Yorkie, Autumn.
He is very gentle with her when they play together

Fonzie as a puppy:


Whispering Winds Aussie Brady:

Aussie with his owner Lisa (MY MOM)

Aussie as a puppy:



8 weeks old

Below are our retired dogs:

Labradoodle Story's Sophia (Wendy's Mama)

Sophia as a teenager:


Sophie as a puppy:

Country's Carmella

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