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  About Us & Our Breeding Program:

Hello fellow animal lovers! I have been in love with animals my whole life! I have always had a remarkable bond with all animals, but I have been especially drawn toward dogs. I truly believe that all forms of life deserve the same love and respect that any human being deserves that is why I am a long time animal advocate and that's what lead me to wanting to become a breeder in the first place. My desire came not only from a passion for dogs but a calling to "do it right". After seeing so many BAD breeders, breeding only for the money and not the welfare for the dog or breed. I was devastated to learn about the large dog breeding operations, also called puppy mills that have become so popular online and are ruining the health and spirit of dog breeds. Unfortunately when there is any money to be made, there are people out there that will take advantage and abuse the situation, when it comes to a living animal, we must all take the responsibility to not support these kinds of "breeders", because if you do, you are actually supporting animal cruelty and a life of suffering.
 I saw the need for responsible, caring, and dedicated breeders. Our program is based on honesty. We state the ages of our breeding dogs, our breeding females have only 3 litters usually, occasionally 4 litters and are usually spayed  prior to their 4 year birthday. We have guardian homes for most of our breeding dogs, because we refuse to kennel this precious and incredibly intuitive breed. I know that all animals have emotions, feelings and possess great memories. We provide an excellent quality of life for all of our dogs and are very proud to say so.
My decision to start breeding also came very natural to me as I am proud to say that I am very maternal, nurturing, and compassionate. Before I made the lifelong commitment to become a breeder, I began studying the science of dog breeding. The huge genetic diversity of dog breeds and the process of selecting certain traits to achieve certain attributes fascinated me. I decided to harness my fascinations into action and began searching for the PERFECT breed. I knew I wanted a medium sized dog that did not shed, and was allergy-friendly, (since my husband Nelson has asthma and mild allergies to pet dander) had a calm, loving temperament, and that was easy to train. In my search I was blown away by all the positive things I had read about the Australian Labradoodle, a true service breed. Frankly it sounded too good to be true. I began absorbing everything I could about their history, health, temperament, breed standards, body conformation and anything else I could find out. After a whole lot of research we found our first Australian Labradoodle, Carmella  and she gave us our precious Sophie & Delilah and well... the rest is history! Over the years of breeding we have honed in on creating a consistent temperament and certain qualities that are admired in the breed, such as coat quality, deep coloring, and blocky build. Our
 Australian Labradoodles are our greatest companions and we would not feel complete without them. We breed each litter with the purpose of improving this amazing breed and to carry on all the wonderful attributes that it is so famous for.
We began our breeding program while I was in college to become a registered nurse. After graduating with my baccalaureate in nursing, I worked as a nurse for a little over 5 years, mainly in administrative work. Nelson worked for over 20 years in managing an auto repair business. We both now are at home full time where we devoted our time to our baby daughter and breeding program. 

We live in sunny Northern California in Calaveras county on 5 acres of beautiful country living in Valley Springs (AKA Gold Country). We run our breeding program together as a team, but Labradoodle Story Tails would not be possible without the loving support of our guardian homes which are truly an extension of our family.

 Our program is a 24/7 full time commitment to us, we sacrifice a lot as breeders, but we feel that the trade off is equally as great, if not greater. We are both of course huge animal lovers (my favorite place to go as a child was always the Pet Store, just being around animals makes me happy and I had my own little farm growing up of all kinds of domesticated animals). We feel so blessed to have such wonderful dogs in our lives. 

We truly believe that the Australian Labradoodle is the worlds most perfect breed and that is why we feel so strongly about our breeding program. When we see the joy that our puppies bring to families, we know that we are doing the work we were meant to do, we truly feel that we are helping to make the world a more loving place, one puppy at a time.

Our Breeding Goals for the Australian Labradoodle:

We have selectively chosen breeding dogs for our program that possess the most desirable qualities out the this terrific breed.

  • Health: All of our breeding dogs are pre-health screened, tested and certified in bone and eye health. All of our dogs have OFA, PRA and CERF certifications/clearances. Our stud boys and some other selected dogs are tested for 11 different types of recessive genetic diseases (Cystinuria, Centronuclear Myopathy, Exercise Induced Collapse, Myotubular Myopathy 1, Neonatal Encephalopathy with seizures, Degenerative Myelopathy, Familial Nephropathy, Glycogen Storage Disease VII, Progressive Retinal Atrophy-PRCD, Von Willebrand's Disease Type 1, and Narcolepsy). A Recessive disease means that both parents would have to be carries of a disease for a puppy to become affected with the disease. That is why it is so important to know the recessive traits of  at least one of the parents of a litter. We will continue to add more testing if any diseases become a problem in the breed.  Our dogs come from many generations of closely monitored breeding stock which has effectively eliminated common health issues and genetic diseases in our breeding lines. 
Conformation: We are breeding toward more Labrador qualities such as strong boning, broad chest, square head with a shorter square muzzle (not long and pointed like a poodle).
Coat: A non-shedding/non-odor/allergy friendly coat while breeding away from the densely thick and frizzy poodle type coats to achieve a more manageable silky fleece coat. We are breeding toward a more rich and darker color in our red Australian Labradoodles. We are breeding away from dull and fading colors (dilution gene).
Temperament:  a calm disposition, respectful, and easy to train. Our breeding lines have a rich history of therapy dogs. This trait is much sought after and is completely instinctive in the breed

We have dedicated ourselves to this breed and promise only to produce the absolute best. We feel honored to be apart of raising incredible dogs that bring infinite joy to future families all over the United States.

Our puppies begin their socialization training once they open their eyes. They are exposed to different sounds to build their confidence and played with daily to strengthen the human-canine bond. We work very hard to make sure our puppies are confident while facing their new world.
Our Labradoodle puppies get a head start in life because we limit the toxins in our home by living a GREEN, ECO-friendly lifestyle (everything from using nontoxic cleaning products, shampoos, treats, toys, dog beds, food, and much more). We eat mainly organic foods and we feed only the most nutritious food to our mommies to be and they are conservatively supplemented with vitamins to increase connective tissue and tendon strength, optimizing bone and ligament formation in developing puppies.  Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids including DHA (from microalgae oil) which helps to promote healthy brain function, eye development, normal heart rhythm, kidney function, while supporting the nervous and immune systems and also ensuring coat and skin health.
We firmly believe that holistic nutrition is the foundation of a healthy dog. Some of our dogs favorite foods include freeze dried beef liver treats, organic kale, carrots, blueberries, kelp, boiled chicken breast and hard boiled eggs (cage-free eggs of course). Our dogs optimum nutrition is one of our top priorities, that is why we only feed the highest quality dog food. We feed our dogs Canidae & Wellness dog foods. 

We work extremely hard to make sure that all of our puppies are always healthy, nourished, clean, safe, happy and most of all loved. 

We are proud to only produce the best possible Multi-generation Australian Labradoodle puppies.

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