Labradoodle Story Tails
Updates From Previous Puppy Buyers

We are so very proud of this page. O
ne of the best things about being a breeder for us is when we get heart warming emails of the loving bonds that our grand babies share with their new family and knowing that we had a hand in that happiness truly 
makes all our hard work worth while.
We are so thankful to all the families that share their doodle journey with us and we are so glad that we can share it with other doodle lovers here.
We are honored to be able to share this wonderful breed with the world.

Feedback from our previous clients is very important in developing excellent lines and making educated decisions on our future Australian Labradoodle litters. Please keep the feedback coming!
 You can see more pictures of our previous puppies all grown up on the Previous Pups page

(7/28/18 Malibu Barbie x Maverick pup)Hello Jessica & Nelson:

Don & Sue Ryan here in San Diego.
Thought it was time to send you a few pix of one of Malibu Barbie & Mav’s first pup, named Fire.
He is 10 months old now & we call him Bailey. This guy is such a handsome ginger colored affectionate pup. He is the social butterfly of the neighborhood who wants to meet every dog & person who walks by our house. Everyone who strolls by knows Bailey. 
He has become such an integral part of our family and is so playful and is blessed with a good heart & soul.
We look forward to sharing many wonderful times with our Bailey in the years to come.
Our best to you.

Don & Sue

4/29/18 (Sapphire x Maverick pup) Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Just wanted to say that Colby’s (we decided to keep that name) settling in well, and he’s just precious: cuddly, calm, affectionate and already picking up training cues. In other words, we’re in love! Thanks for raising such beautiful animals!
The Thurtles


4/28/18 Hello Jessica and Nelson,
I hope you both are doing well! I wanted to let you know how Cheezit (Nash) was doing. He came from Strawberry Shortcake and Maverick in November, we brought him home January 11th. 
Nash is such an awesome pup!!! He’s so so smart, loving, funny and full of energy. He completed puppy training and like you mentioned on your website, Nash was probably the sharpest pup in the class! We’ll do the next training class once he is healed. 
Nash plays so well with other dogs and he attends Wag in Oakland whenever we know our days will be extra long. He is SO social, probably the most social dog everywhere we go :). He also gets play dates with Fuggles (Melissa’s pup and everyone thinks they are twins!). We LOVE him to pieces and feel so lucky to have gotten him in January, thank you!
I’m wondering if you would share our contact information with Nash’s brothers from his litter?I’m not sure if they are in Northern California or have social media accounts but we’d love to connect with them!! Please let me know.
Thank you again! We love Nash so much!!!!
Gina, Omega, & Gavin
Nash a few days ago (6 months old) on his corner of the couch waiting to go for a walk :)


4/16/18 (Barbie x Maverick pup) Hello Jessica and Nelson,
Wow, the time has just flown by since we brought Luna (aka Earth) home.  She is so amazing!  She has fit into our family perfectly and melts our hearts on a daily basis.  She is so smart and clever, and gives us a good laugh at some of the sneaky things she tries to do!  We get compliments on her every time we take her out, and often hear, "that is the exact dog I want" from strangers walking by!  We had the absolute pleasure of running into one of Marilyn's puppies in our puppy class!  They were so cute together and loved playing during the playtime.  Such a small world!  

She was a pure joy on our first camping trip with her over spring break.  She loved the beach/ocean and the daily adventures.  She also handled the long car rides like a champ!  There are so many pictures I could send, but here are few.  We are totally in love with her and enjoy spoiling her on a daily basis!  We can't thank you enough for all you do to bring such amazing fur babies into this world!  
Love, Dean, Mary, Megan and Nick


4/10/18 (Cali x Maverick pup) Litter name was Willow
Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Colbie from Cali x Maverick is 6 months old and doing great! Everyone loves her, she is adorable plus extremely outgoing and friendly. She's always happy and full of energy, ready to play and give kisses. Her favorite things to do are playing with her doggy friends, meeting new people, and cuddling. We ran into her littermate Bella and they are best friends!
Best, Kevin


4/5/18 (Ginger x Fonzie pup) So in case you were wondering how your pups look in the snow (we moved to Utah)
I think the answer is Majestic. As. “Fuzz.” :)
fezzy (Sangiovese) is a happy healthy 2 year old who , as it turns out, LOVES the snow. Thanks again!
Jeff and Diana


3/23/18  (Seashell x Maverick pup) Litter name was Texas
Hi Jessica and Nelson,
So sorry to have taken so long to check in but our darling Max has been keeping us busy! 
Max is everything and more than I could have imagined and we both  feel that  he is the perfect doggy for us. You are right: he is a very special boy. He seems to really enjoy his new life here in Sacramento and we have fallen in love with him. He is learning to "ring the bell" when he needs to go out and he really seems to get the hang of it. His biggest challenge is learning "no bite" but he is starting to understand what that means. He sleeps through the entire night (once he initially falls asleep with one of us lying outside his crate with him) and has had no "accidents" in his crate ! He loves to be by our sides and he follows me around the house every chance he gets.  
He is scheduled for his second vaccinations on April 4 and he has an appointment with his new vet early next week. We have purchased a baby bjorn for him and he loves to be carried around. This is a great way to take him for walks until he completes all of his vaccinations.
Thank you so much for bringing this bundle of joy into our lives. I can't imagine what life would be like without him.
Many Thanks, 
Wendy, Dale and Max


1/24/18 (Goldie x Anakin pup on the left and Marilyn x Anakin pup on the right) HI Jessica…you are just getting too good at your job…such wonderful dogs…such demand!! It seems that my daughter is very interested in the pups from Maverick and Sapphire or red velvet and maverick (since she literally wants to steal Bodi from us), We are TOTALLY INSANE ABOUT BODI, AND CAN’T WAIT for Anakin and MM's pup. 
3/20/18 Biilie is just a doll, so sweet, extremely attached and affectionate, and is in a non-stop attack mode with Bodi, who has been very patient with her. They are becoming friends and are having fun. Can't imagine our family without her, after only 3+ weeks….amazing!


3/13/18 (Pippi x Maverick pup) Litter Name was Rachel. Zizi love After her haircut by us! She is perfect in every way!!!!!


3/7/18 (Cali x Maverick puppy) Hello,
Maple aka Lucy is doing well and adapting good.  She is such an affectionate little girl, always needs to be near us and doesn't like to be left alone at all.  I have also attached a picture when she graduated from her first training class.
Thanks again,


3/4/18 (UPDATE on Pippi x Maverick pup) Rowan at 14 months!
Hello Jessica and Nelson,
Rowan aka Lemon Bar turns 14 months tomorrow and I thought you might like to see some new photos. She weighs 26 pounds and is an absolute angel. Good energy but also able to just be calm and lay around as she did for 9 days when I was down with the flu. We’ve had no issues with health or diet. She continues to do well on canidae pure land. She goes to a wonderful puppy care 2-3 times a week and they love her. Her groomer says she is a “happy spirit” and so easy. I had to cut her hair down about 10 weeks ago but we’re growing it back and it’s just a beautiful medium deep red. I love her and must have referred 3 dozen people to you!
Thank you for my dearest companion! Hope you’re well.

03/03/18 (Sapphire x Mav pup) Hi Jessica, 
It’s been a while since I emailed you about Owl (Leo) I attached the image below. Thank you so much! Leo is doing great and everyone in the family just LOVES him:) Here are some recent pictures of him. 
From, Shruthi


2/9/18 (Pippi x Maverick pup) Litter name was Joey
Just wanted to send an update picture of Beau - he got his first haircut yesterday and is a very happy guy. We absolutely love him!

2/8/18 Moose turned 1 (Ginger x Maverick pup) Litter name was Bashful
1 year old and the most mellow, calm, sweet and loving boy! He’s big too- 34lbs! 



2/2/18 (Ginger x Maverick pup) UPDATE ON THEO
Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Happy New Years! Hope you guys are doing well. We can’t believe it but Theo turned 1.5 years old a couple days ago and we just wanted to give you guys an update on how’s he’s doing. 
Theo is very active and still full of energy, which is great on long trips and hikes. He loves long road trips. He also loves playing frisbee and we’ve come to realized that he’s ridiculous athletic (likely Maverick’s genes). He’s currently around 25lbs and has been there for quite some time, so we don’t think will get any bigger. He’s still friendly as always and loves being pet, especially from strangers and little kids. Since our last update, we had our wedding in September and Theo walked down the aisle as the ring bearer and pretty much stole the show. Attached are some photos of his adventures. He has an Instagram account @Theodadoodle if you would like to see more photos of him.
Thien and Mouang

1/31/18 (Rosie x Maverick) Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Hope you guys are well. And Jessica that you are beginning to feel better. Oh my gosh….the puppy pics on your website from seashell and marilyn monroe are soooo cute. Savanna sure had some beauties!!! 
Mango is a fun boy and soooo smart. He’s 19.6 lbs as of today at 20 weeks. He’s attending obedience class weekly and doing really well. Learning a 3 minute down and 1 1/2 minute sit already! He loves puppy playtime too; he goes to pet food express and plays with other puppies in a clean and safe environment and the trainer loves Savanna so much that she even lets her play with the puppies! Our adult daughter came for a visit from NYC and she loves Savanna….she wanted to take her back LOL….I said no way!!!
Here are a few more pics….tell me if you get tired of me sending them!

1/26/18 (Goldie x Anakin pup) Charlie / Sammy The star of our holiday card. Sending greetings on Sammy’s third birthday
Don’t know what we did before our furry friend was part of our life!

1/13/18 (Cali x Maverick pup) 
Hi Nelson n Jessica, it was such an amazing coincidence us meeting Colbie (Willow) n Kevin. As Yvonne already told you, we were in the same puppy kindergarten this morning with our Bella. 
It was a total “Sister Act”. 
We agreed with Kevin to meet in near future for the girls to have some quality play time together. 
BTW, Bella is doing great and is our pride n joy. 
Ruff, Ruff
Peter n Yvonne

1/10/18 (Pippi x Maverick pup) Hi Jessica & Nelson,
Happy New Year! 

Aria has been a complete joy and perfect addition to our family! She is so playful and smart. Thank you for producing such a perfect dog.
Everywhere we go people stop us to ask us where Aria came from so we've referred a few people to your website. Not sure if it will turn into anything but wanted to give you the heads up :)
Aria is a very social puppy and loves to play with other dogs at the dog park. I was wondering if there are any other Southern California/San Diego siblings that we might be able to get in touch with? I was running the other day and saw a dog that I was almost certain came from one of your dogs (looked so similar to Aria with the apricot coat), but I wasn't able to catch up to them as they were across the street and going the other direction. Would be great to connect if there were other dogs from your breeding program in our area. 
Thanks for your time! Wishing you all the best in 2018!
Thien B

1/2/18 Hi Jessica and Nelson, 
Here are some pictures of Teddy (Pippi x Maverick pup). 
He is almost one year old and is about 43 Ib. He is so sweet and plays well with kids and his dog friends. He is awesome! he gets so much attention wherever we go!  Everyone comments on how beautiful he is.  One lady even said: ”now I understand why people steal dogs.”
He is so affectionate that he always greets the dog’s owner after he greets the dog.  He likes to stand tall to lick people and I do not have the heart to stop him as the trainer recommended. 
My boys often play hide and seek with him and he makes cute whining sound when he can’t find them. 
He also has such soft hair. I never appreciated it until I started feeling other dog’s hair to compare them after hearing so many comments about it. 
He is a wonderful addition to our family. As my son said, we are so lucky that the first dog we had is already the best dog! 
Thank you for producing such great dog. 
Thanks and Happy New Year! -Li


12/28/17 (Ginger x Maverick pup) Jessica and Nelson,
Happy New Year to you and all the doodles. We wanted to let you know how proud we are of Zack aka Sleepy. We took him with us to Christmas dinner with my family last night. They are dog lovers and trainers and had an older puggle, a lab who was trained as a guide dog and a “puppy” Bearnese Mountain weighing 90 lbs. same age as Zack none of whom Zack had ever met.
The family could not believe how sweet, lovable and well mannered Zack was.
My son in particular who has raised guide dogs for the blind couldn’t get over how wonderful he is. Of course our hearts swelled with pride especially since our two older doodles are not easy with other dogs and people.
We are so proud of Zack and thank you for him.
Merry Christmas and blessings to you for the new year.
Marcia and Paul C.

12/26/17 (Sapphire x Maverick pup) Hi Jessica and Nelson,

We hope you are doing well! We wanted to send you an update on Ziggy (aka Dove). She is doing amazing! She’s fully potty trained at 4.5 months, loves walks, hasn’t destroyed anything other than a couple baseboards, and is a hit everywhere we go. She is amazing with my 18 month old niece... loves to play and wrestle but is overall gentle and very well behaved. She is such a joy to have. Her personality is very friendly and social but mellow and well behaved. Everywhere we go people marvel at how mellow and relaxed she generally is. She loves cuddles, belly rubs, and kids and dogs in particular. 

She’s also arising Instagram star, unexpectedly enough. Her page has over 2400 followers now and we’ve had over 50 questions from people about your info. Let us know if you get any inquiries or purchases from people we’ve referred as it would make us really happy. 

Here is her Instagram link and some pictures.

12/15/17 (Rosie x Maverick pup) Dear Jessica and Nelson, 
I thought you might enjoy the video attached below. 

A little context first: As I mentioned to you, we live on a college campus in Southern California. My husband is actually the president of the College, which makes Theo (Kiwi) the “First Puppy.” The College, especially the students, have gone absolutely bonkers over him. He is adored by all and walks around campus like he owns it (he kinda does!) The students started an Instagram page for him: You can follow him at #CMCtheo.

And the marketing folks came up with the idea that Theo would be featured to drive the holiday message this year (they always try to do something with video and to be creative). Theo was an obvious medium. The marketing team filmed him over the course of several days both before and after Thanksgiving, and produced the video below. It was emailed to the whole community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents of current students, etc… Now, even more people are going bonkers over him. Enjoy the video below!
Otherwise, he is doing really, really well. He is almost 100% potty trained. Sleeps about 8 straight at night in his crate in our room. He goes out around 6 am, and then as a reward can cuddle in bed with Tessa (our older labradoodle) and us. He is very cuddly! He knows a whole bunch of commands, and is very eager to please. Newly, he has a witching hour from about 8 to 9:30 pm where he becomes possessed! Runs around, tries to jump on couches, pulls cushions, steals shoes and socks, tries to get into the dishwasher if we are loading dishes, and other devilish behavior—like a toddler! And then he miraculously stops, goes into his crate and wants to go to sleep! Tessa—who has clearly forgotten her own puppy behavior from years ago—always looks at him with a puzzled look! 
In any case, I hope all is well with you.
We wish you a merry Christmas and happy 2018.

12/6/17 He is gorgeous and is such a great blend of Maverick and Pippi! We are biased of course but get stopped all the time  - I am sure I have a few friends coming your way for puppies next year :).   

12/1/17 (Maverick x Lucy pup) Hi Jessica, 
I've thought so many times to send this along and, a year later, just now getting to it. Wow! What year it's been! Troy (Luke) has added nothing but adventure to our family! When you said he was high/ medium energy - you were right! He is just now calming down a bit. He goes crazy  with excitement when new people come into the house. He is finally making progress on our walks and not jumping all over the place. He will wait patiently when I go into a store and loves all the attention he gets!  My nickname for him is the "Labragoat" bc he eats everything and anything; You name it, he would eat it (see photo with the blue beard!).We are making progress on that, too. He is really so sweet and loves to please and all of us adore him. We couldn't imagine our family without him now. Please pass along his instagram @troy.loves.treats
Here are a few of our favorite pics to share. 
Happy Holidays!

11/29/17 (Maverick x Ginger pup) I wanted to send you a quick note to say how much we love our puppy!  His name is now Pax and he has brought us so much joy!!! He's the sweetest and so much fun!!! Attached are a few pictures for you.   
Happy Holidays!  -Danielle 

11/25/17 (Maverick x Ginger pup) Thanks! He’s the best thing to happen to us! We think he must have a Maverick personality, because we now understand completely why you and your partner said Maverick was such a special dog. Our Moose has the most gentle, loving and sweet personality. We love him so much every day. Thank you,

11/3/17 (Lucy x Anakin pup) Kramer has been an absolute joy since picking him up on June 2. We can’t go anywhere without stopping for people to admire his red coat and beautiful eyes. And his temperament is the right balance of energy and sweetness. He’s not met a person or dog that he hasn’t instantly become friends with him. We love him and are so happy to have him as part of our family!! Thank you!!

10/20/17 (Marilyn x Maverick pup)   Hi Jessica, how are you settling into your new place? We are really enjoying Screech and have named him 'lord Augustus Maximilian waggington 3rd' or Auggie for short. He is 5 months now and about 30 lbs already. I'm not sure what his final weight will be but he much taller than the other labradoodle near us of the same age. 
Your assessment of him was just right, he is not hyper but still very smart and alert. We love having him and he is training well to walking and sit/stay.

10/15/17 (Sapphire x Maverick pup) Hi guys, here is Hercules with his little big bro Zeus. Herc is doing great with potty training and great with our kids. Thank you again for letting us know he was avail.

10/15/17  (Sapphire x Maverick pup) Hi Jessica,
We love our girl and named her Ziggy. If you’re on Instagram her name is @ziggy.odoodle if you want to see her. I’ve attached one picture here as well.

10/12/17  Hi Jessica,
Here are a couple of updatedpictures of Bailey (Pumpkin from the Pippi/Maverick litter). He’s nine months old now and just about over the testy teenage stage (fingers crossed!). He’s an awesome companion and does great with the kids. When he’s not rolling over asking for a tummy rub, he’s hiking with his dog friends or at the soccer fields! 
Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family.  Ryann

10/11/17  Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Hope all is well!
Soufflé ( Luna from Ginger x Maverick) is now 14 months old and she is sweeter than ever!
She is a very friendly dog who loves people and other dogs. She makes everyone smile.
Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to adopt her!
Best regards,
Here are recent photos of Soufflé

10/8/17 Brewfus (Chili+ Anakin) Dooher chillin’ after intense play with Riley (Rosie + Fonzi) 

(Pippi x Maverick pup) 10/05/17 She is the PERFECT little girl!!!!!  She already walks on a leash, waits, sits and BRIGHTENS everybody’s days!!!!! Thak you so much for raising such happy, balanced puppies!  Truly Divine!  The dog trainer said that you did a great as asked about you….Blessings,edith

10/3/17 (Ginger x Maverick pup)  Hi Jessica and Nelson, 
I just wanted to give you a quick update about Tilly.  She is absolutely wonderful, and we are 1000% satisfied with her.  You bred an amazing little dog! 
She seems to have topped out at ~25lb. We get so many compliments on how sweet, cute, and loving she is; she has been the highlight of many strangers' days and the subject of many passerby's photos! We take her to doggy day care ~2x/week for socialization as we do not have another pet, and all of the employees love her there too! 

My husband and I are expecting our first baby any day now.  We have seen only affectionate behavior from Tilly toward me and toward other young children and babies, so we are sure she will adjust well to our growing family.  I have included a couple recent photos of her to this email.  
I hope all is well with you! 
Thank you,

KYLO UPDATE:     9/28/17   Hi Jessica and Nelson, 
Wanted to give you another quick update on Kylo (Serrano from Rosie and Captain America's Litter).
We met up with Kylo's brother Beauly aka Chipotle last month and it was a blast. The two look so much a like - we see a lot of Rosie in them :)

Kylo is now almost 8 months and 26lbs. We are definitely noticing his hair getting darker which is exciting. It's still on the wavy side but we suspect it may get curlier as his adult coat develops. We'll see!

Kylo is the ultimate cuddle bug and has been promoted to our bed at night - he's such an angel we couldn't resist. He still asks for about 10+ belly rubs a day, it's the cutest thing.
Enjoy the pictures attached!


9/24/17 Hi Jessica and Nelson,
We want to give you an update on Tucker, AKA Happy from Ginger and Maverick's litter. Tucker is now 7 1/2 months and weighs 27 pounds. He loves to play fetch, run around with the kids, go for walks, go camping and do whatever our family is doing. He is doing great! He is very sweet and calm (except excited when new people come over). He has done great in his training classes, and he makes new friends and is complimented everywhere he goes. We just love him! Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family. 
Jen and Dan P

NEW UPDATE FROM ROWEN:    9/23/17 (Pippi x Maverick pup) Hi Jessica and Nelson,
A couple pix of Rowan (aka Lemon Bar) after a grooming that took off the top baby coat that was lighter. She is super affectionate and loving, smart and a total doll. I'm crazy about her. Daycare is crazy about her. The groomer is crazy about her---i.e., everyone who sees her asks where she came from and I always am so proud to give them your info. Thank you--she is perfect and getting just so gorgeous!

9/7/17 (Ariel x Maverick pup) Hello Jessica and Nelson-
(Stevie Nicks - born 3/5/17). Stevie is a WONDERFUL puppy - we are so happy to have her and she has settled in beautifully to our lives. There was some tension/jealousy on the part of our 7 year old labradoodle, Lucy, when Stevie first came home, but now they get along beautifully and they run and play together in our backyard every day! Stevie just turned 6 months old, and we had her spayed yesterday (9/6/17). I am attaching a copy of her official spay certificate, as well as a cute photo of Stevie lounging on our couch that I took a couple of weeks ago :)

8/24/17 (Ginger x Maverick pup) So sorry that we haven't been in touch - but all has been wonderful with Guinness aka Dopey in our family. Love every moment we have with him and thank you again! The Miller Family

8/7/17  Hi Jessica and Nelson,

We are the proud owners of Willis (aka Pluto).  Willis’ parents are Anakin and Goldie.  Willis is 2.5 years old.  He’s about 22 lbs.  You guys sure do breed some awesome labradoodles.

We love our guy so much.  He is the most loving, gentle, well behaved dog ever.  Not much of a guard dog. Doesn’t bark at all J Much too gentle for that kind of work anyhow.  Everywhere we go, he gets absolutely all the attention.  Doesn’t shed at all and zero dog smell.  Perfect!  And not to mention how much the kids love him.  They keep each other company like you wouldn’t believe. 

So now our family is seeking for another family member to give Willis some companion.  We are looking for a medium.  But this time, we want a dark chocolate, short snout, and tight poodle curls.  We noticed Willis got a lot lighter as he aged and this time we want to stay on the darker side.  Goldie’s genes was really dominant in his blood.  Willis was second to the last pick of the litter.  This time we want to give more time to plan, move up in the pick lottery, and get exactly what we want.    

Do you think you can tell us when a pairing will take place to get us what we are looking for?  Everything on my wish list is just nice to have, but the dark/red chocolate is a must.  My wife loves it with a little white on the chest too J

I’m attaching some more recent photos of Willis.

Love to hear back from you when you have a moment.


Pete and Gale

(Rosie x Capt. America pup) 8/3/17 Hello Jessica, 
I hope all is well! Just a small update. Cayenne, now called Gizmo has brought so much joy to our lives and we cannot imagine life without him. He is truly part of the family. If you want to see what he's up to, please visit his website: or follow him on Instagram. Also, if he has other siblings that are based here in Los Angeles, we would LOVE to meet up!! As a true coincidence, we met "Sneezy" from Ginger x Mav Litter since they were both in the same puppy class together. Small world!! 
Hope to hear from you soon. -Joseph

NEW UPDATE FROM THEO: 8/1/17 Hi Jessica and Nelson,
I hope you guys and the resident pups are doing well! Today, Theo (Ron) from Ginger and Mavericks turned 1 years old today. We just wanted to update you with some photos of Theo growing up. He's still the friendliest puppy wherever he goes, giving love to anyone that approaches him. He's also finding ways to outsmart us each and every day. Theo is also playing an important role on our wedding day coming up and we couldn't be happier to have him in our life. 
You can follow his adventures on Instagram @theodadoodle 
Thien and Mouang 



(Marilyn x Maverick pup) 7/15/17 Well, it's now been 1 whole week since Jasper came home with us and he is doing great! The fact that he adjusted so quickly and so well is a testament to the environment you created for him from birth. 
I swear he has grown overnight, and is smarter every day! 
If you'd like to see his life in pics, I created an Instagram account for him JasperDoodle888. We keep commenting how crazy cute he is! His first vet appt will be on July 24th for round 2 of shots. 
All the best,

(Ginger x Fonzie pup) 7/15/17 Hi Jessica - hope all is well! Realized we hadn't sent an update in awhile, so see below for a few more pictures of Zin/Riley.  We love seeing where his siblings/cousins are now too :) I keep hoping we'll run into Cody/Merlot or Milo as they seem to be in the Bay Area too!
Hope you and Nelson are doing well!

(Savanna x Maverick pup) 7/13/17 Hi Jessica and Nelson - I wanted to give you an update on our puppies, who are now six months old!  They are both from the Savannah-Maverick litter born on 12/29/16.  Cooper (aka MooMoo) and Harper (aka Chickey) are such a joy!  Cooper is a big goofball and loves to run and fetch and chase birds.  Harper is very sweet and definitely the princess in the household.  She loves to get her brother to chase her.  They are best friends and love to cuddle up to each other.  They love to ride in the car, go on walks, and chase each other in the yard.  They are both so smart and loving and we couldn't be happier with them!
Sharyn & Rod

(Dharma x Anakin pup) 7/13/17  Hi Jessica, 
A few first birthday photos as promised. 
She is a loving, shy girl, much more interested in people than dogs. She has topped out at about 18 lbs. Smart -with more poodle than lab tendencies. The hardest part has been figuring out how to take her with us when we are out and about - a whole new world of figuring out which stores and restaurants you can go to :) She loves the snow and will hang out in water up to about her belly, but isn’t a big swimming fan. She is obviously smart and has done well in the puppy training classes (when she isn’t distracted trying to stay away from all the other dogs) and the trainer thinks she would be a great therapy dog. Seeing as she wants to say Hi to every person she meets I think she is probably right! She brings a lot of smiles and laughs into the house with her crazy play. We love her! 
We have so enjoyed adding Lotus to our family and when I saw your email about a Guardian Home placement a while ago I thought I would find out more about the program. We are (according to Google maps) about 1hr 45mins away from you. Is that still a distance you would consider? Also, do you prefer a home with no other dogs except the breed/stud dog? If we are a family you would consider, can you send further information? 
We drive by Galt on a regular basis. Should we let you know when we are in the area to bring Lotus by for a quick hello?

(Rosie x Capt. America pup) 7/12/17
Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Hope you both are doing well! We wanted to send you an update on Kylo (Serrano from Rosie and Captain America's litter). 
Kylo has been the best addition to our little family. He's our baby and we love him so much. He is now 5 months old and already 17.6 lbs. 
Socializing Kylo has been a huge priority for us. We enrolled him at SF Puppy Prep's day school where he got to play and train with other puppies for 4 weeks. We even ran into some pups from Lucy and Anakin's recent litter at socials. We're continuing his training and starting a 201 course in August. He's super smart and catches on quickly :)
We get stopped on the street multiple times a day - everyone wants to say hi and comment on how adorable he is. His one white paw is a huge hit. His personality is definitely shining through. He's a momma's boy, but always wants to give Chris hugs and sit in his lap. He's super outgoing and friendly -- absolutely LOVES belly rubs and will drop at anyone's feet for a little attention. He always wants to play with other puppies but is still figuring out how to play with the big kids at the park - he's such a little guy!
I've attached some photos of Kylo growing up. You can see more on his instagram account @kylo_doodle.
Do you know if any of Kylo's siblings live in the bay area? We would love to reunite him with his brothers and sister for a little play date. Feel free to share our contact info around.
All the best,
Kathryn, Chris, and Kylo

(Rosie x Capt. America pup) 7/8/17 Here’s Harry at four months. He was born 2/18/2017 and was, until he came home with me, Habanero.
Harry is now in service dog training and doing very well. He’s an incredible companion and gets along great with my grandchildren and their doodle.

(Lucy x Anakin pup) 06/10/17  I just wanted to let you know that Sangria/Lillipup is settling in very well with us.  Last night was the first night she didn’t whine in her crate.  As of today she seems to have totally claimed our yard and our house as her own.  
She goes into full playful puppy mode whenever my kids come into the room.  She seems to have pegged me as “Mom” and comes to hang out near me when she’s tuckered out and wants to relax.  My husband is hoping she will turn into the perfect lapdog for watching sports — she’s almost there, just a little bitey.
She’s been traveling a lot with me the last week as my kids finished their last week of school.  All the travel in the car and going to strange places was very tiring, but she adapted very well and is getting great experiences meeting different people and being in different environments.  (And yes, I’ve been careful to have her in my arms or a carrier so she doesn’t catch anything.)  Yesterday I chanced to meet a professional dog trainer with two very gentle, well-trained pit bulls while I was getting my car serviced.  I let Lilli hang out with them for a bit.  It was a good first meeting with strange dogs.
We’re really happy with her and she seems to be very happy here.  We still have a lot of work to do on house training, but progress is being made.
Thanks so much for a wonderful dog!

This pic was taken at Labradoodle Story Tails

06/04/17  (Pippi x Maverick)   Hi Jessica & Nelson, 
Here are some pictures of Teddy.  He is almost 5 month old.  His trainer said to me that he is A+ puppy.  He is awesome! 

 (Pippi x Maverick pup)   06/01/17   Hi guys!
Hope you are well (and busy with puppies I assume!). 
Just wanted to update you on Berry :) 
We named him Filbert and he has really grown into the best puppy we could have asked for! He absolutely loves to cuddle and to be held, just like what you described when we first picked him up.
He is now about 22 pounds and enjoying life in Sausalito, CA.

(Pippi x Maverck pup)  05/27/17     Hi Jessica,
I thought I'd share a pic of Rowan after her 1st grooming--She's so beautiful! At 5 months she weighs just over 18 lbs and is about 12 in at the shoulder. She had a growth spurt btwn 4-5 months and is cuddly and affectionate and connected with good energy. She loves everyone she meets almost without exception and they all love her. She's a star at puppy daycare where they all say she's their "favorite." The groomer said she was "unbelievably good" and I am madly in love with her. Her coat roots are still deeper red than her puppy topcoat so we'll see where she ends up at one year.  Thank you again so much for providing such a fine example of ALs and the joy of my life!

(Chili x Maverick pup)  05/21/17  Hello!!!  I just wanted to send you a quick email with some updates on Scotland (or Scottie as we call him) Red.  We loved the name you gave him, so we kept it as his middle name.  He is such a sweet boy.  EVERYWHERE we take him, people stop and comment on how gorgeous he is.  He loves to go for walks and runs and is into everything!  We are moving to Colorado in a few months, so I know he will love hiking in the mountains.  I have attached a photo and a copy of his neuter paperwork.  I have given your contact information a few times, so hopefully you will get some additional business!!  :)
Thank you again for giving us such a sweet boy.  He is truly a joy in our lives!!!
Thanks again,

05/21/17  Thank you, Jessica!  Here are a couple of recent pictures of Bailey (Pumpkin from the Pippi/Maverick litter). He's getting so big, so fast!!  

(Ginger x Maverick Pup) 05/17/17  We love our puppy so much! Thank you for giving us this wonderful sweet boy Bashful, now named Moose. He's sweet and smart and so lovely to snuggle. He's very serious sometimes, and very silly sometimes too. I'm pleased to say his growling has stopped. And he is enjoying training three times a week, once is a socialization class with other great pups. And he is so well behaved. He loves the backyard. And loves the sandy beach at the end of our house! He's a happy, happy boy. Sleeps 8 hours quietly in his crate. And he is fully house trained. Pretty amazing really. He has lots of good food, treats and toys. And is bringing us joy from 6am every day! Thanks so much! 
Hannah & Ben

(Pippi x Maverick Pup)   05/16/17  Hello! We hope you and your dogs are doing well. We named Banana Cream, Ginger. We let our 7 year old pick from a list of names we liked. 
Ginger is a smart and active dog. She loves balls and going on walks. She's a little picky when it comes to treats, but we've found some she loves and she likes the Wellness puppy food. At the vet last week she weighed 16 pounds. 
Ginger had her first hair cut today and the groomer said she did really well and is a smart dog. I've been taking her to training classes and she is able to sit, lay down and come to me. Here are before and after grooming photos. 
All my best,


(Ariel x Maverick pup)  05/15/17     Hi Jessica & Nelson,
Kenai (Elvis) was a champ flying across country with me! It was a long trip he was quiet with no accidents and just a good boy!  He is perfect so handsome, a real lover, adorable, confident, intelligent... should I continue? He is now at nine weeks sleeping through the night and very close to perfect on house training. He already has commands down for come, sit, down, kennel, and go quick! Yes, he is smart and loves to learn. We have been socializing him with a variety of people and ready to have second shots for more opportunities for exposure.
We are working on one bad deal in that he seems to continually mark his bed.  I have sprayed and washed it over and over. Guess no bed is the next step! We have our vet visit tomorrow for his second set of shots.
Thanks for such a special pup.  No doubt Kenai was worth my trip across country! All the grandkids are in love and so are we!!!!
Page & George

(Savanna x Fonzie pup)  04/26/17    Hi Jessica,
Hope all is well! Here's a new pic of cute Pixie. 

(Rosie x Fonzie pup)   04/17/17     Dear Jessica and Nelson,

Hope this note finds you both well and in good spirits. I want to tell you how happy my Zoe (Beauty) makes us. She is such a happy and beautiful puppy. Whenever we go out there are at least couple of people asking where I got her from and I have passed your information to tons of people ��
I have some questions in hopes that you can answer: how much is she suppose to weight at 9 months of age and her full grow age?  Is she a mini medium? How much do her parents weight, Fonzie and Rosie? 
This is my Wooly Mammoth now ��
Regards, Lana

04/07/17 (Rosie x Fonzie pup)        Hi.  Here is a picture of our adorable Lucy, formerly Pretty.  She is so sweet.  Such a great addition to our family.
Jamie and Brad

04/06/17 (Rosie x Fonzie pup)       Hi Jessica and Nelson,

I hope this finds you well!  I'm sorry it's taken so long for us to update you, time flies when you have an amazing pup in your life!!  
Raising Dazzle has been one of the best things we have ever done in our lives, she has brought so much love and joy to us!  She is the sweetest and most perfect baby girl...I can't even imagine what our lives were like without her now we love her SO much!

She looooooves to play until she literally falls over of exhaustion, she loves the outdoors and to run her heart out as fast as she can when playing fetch with her tennis balls, she always wants to carry sticks or wood around on walks, run in crazy circles around other pups, and loves to swim - in fact just loves water in general whether it's the rain or the ocean or gulping from her bowl and getting it all over the kitchen floor :)

She loves to cuddle and snuggle in our laps and she is DEFINITELY a mama's girl, shes my little best bud and follows me everywhere and has to have one eye on me at all times!  I held her in my lap all the 10 hours home in the car the day we got her so I think we have a special bond :)

She is so lovable and charming and wants to be everyone's friend she meets on the street, dog or human, hugs and kisses for everyone.  She is incredibly smart and sharp and doesn't miss a thing in training and she has great eye contact.  She has definitely found her voice now and tries to be a tough girl guard dog or tough girl wrestler when she and Paul rough house.

Everyone thinks she is just the cutest dog ever, like "is she even real she's so perfect she looks like a stuffed animal?!?"  I'm convinced we got the best of the litter, we are SO lucky and can't thank you enough for our special baby!

I've included a few photos we've taken over the months so you can see how she's grown!

Thank you again for everything, we have pointed several of our friends in your direction for Labradoodle pups...and who knows we may be back to get a little buddy for Dazzy soon :)
Ashley, Paul, and Dazzle

04/06/17  (Ginger x Maverick puppy)
Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Wanted to send you some updated photos of Theo (Ron).  
Thien and Mouang

03/21/17 (Chili x Maverick Puppy)
Hi Jessica, 
We are so happy to have Riley (formerly Liberty) in our lives. She is sweet and loving, and full of spunk - she keeps us on our toes! We can't believe she is already 6 months old; it seems like we have had her forever. Attached is a recent picture of her - we hope you enjoy! Erin M

03/20/17 (Pippi x Maverick)
Hi Jessica, He is so gorgeous and a show stopper everywhere we go.  And a big boy...36 pounds!  His new name is now Brinkley, formerly Mustang. Sincerely, Lorraine

03/16/17 (Lucy x Maverick puppy)
Thank you for the darling addition to our family.  We are totally in love with him! The first time I took him to petco and was wheeling him around the store in the shopping cart I got
Mobbed by both patrons and staff.  They thought he was so cute and he ate up the attention. He is now Angus "Caleb" 
We love him So much and is REALLY popular in the neighborhood.  A six year old little girl even asked for a sleepover with him for her.       -Pamela

03/05/17 (Savanna x Maverick puppy)
Hi Jessica,
We wanted to provide an update for you on Archie (aka Turtle) along with the neutering contract. The document is attached.
Archie is wonderful little dog and he's the perfect compliment to our family. He is laid back but has his moments of excited energy (usually after he eats). He loves stealing socks, digging at the beach, running and jumping in water, and adores smoked salmon for a special treat.
We enrolled him in puppy socialization class and basic training and now he knows how to sit, lay down, chase and return balls, and is getting very good at vocal recall.
Attached is picture of Archie and myself in Lake Tahoe, from our recent family trip. He loves the snow!
Thank you so much for everything and I hope you and Nelson are doing well.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can provide.

03/05/17 (Savanna x Maverick Puppy)
Hi, first of all, she is a great pup. I can see why she could be a mom, she is already in the "medium" range weighing at 27 pounds!  Also, should we feed some more vegetables to her since at the park she is always eating the grass? Anyway, she is a beautiful puppy and we really love her! We are grateful for our beautiful puppy, Thanks you soo much for bringing such happiness to our life!

03/01/17 (Savanna x Maverick puppy)
Hi, Jessica,
Kuma is doing well. Everywhere we go, we get so much compliments on how cute and fluffy he is. I bet his siblings do, too. One woman we met loved his silky coat so much that she said, "I want to sleep with him naked!" 
I'll attach a picture of Kuma.

02/21/17 (Pippi x Maverick Pup)
Hi Jessica,

Chewy got his first haircut today and he looks so different!  He is about 7 1/2 months old now and right around 30 lbs. He is a wonderful dog and we love him dearly. -Jennifer 


02/01/17 (Ginger x Mav Pup)
Hi Nelson and Jessica,

We hope you guys are doing well! Theo just turned 6 months old so we thought we should give you guys an update. Theo is a very smart and energetic puppy. His personality is starting to come out more. We gave him a haircut and his new color is more on the red side. He's more than what we could've ever wished for in a dog. I have attached some photos of him growing up. 
Hope you enjoy the photos! Best, Thien and Mouang

Before and After Hair Cut

01/21/17 (Savanna x Maverick pup) Jedi (Shark)
We are very thankful to you guys for our wonderful puppy! I look back at your website often to look at the updates, especially of his litter mates, and all the new puppies! Labradoodles are just the cutest!! 
Thanks again!

01/09/17  (Savanna x Maverick pup)
Hi Jessica
Cookie (Otter) 
I wanted to let you know she has turned out to be a wonderful, sweet and affectionate dog, weighs about 25 pounds and is so beautiful.  People stop me in the street while walking her, asking about her.  A woman at the dog park has gone on line to your website and says that she will contact you when she is ready for another dog.  Cookie is a good ambassador for you.
Hope all is well.
Sharon H

01/02/17  (Lucy x Anakin Pup)
Hi Jessica! 
Thought I would send you the photo we used on our Christmas card this year. Remy has since gotten cut as we could not keep his belly from matting. Hopefully he won’t ever be this short again! Hope all is well. 
PS — Considering getting a sister for him. What is the right timing?

01/02/17  (Ginger x Maverick Pup)
Hi Jessica,

Happy New Year! Hope you had a lovely holidays. We wanted to share with you some updated photos of Gal who is now named Velo (short for Velociraptor). We love her so much! She really is a special pup with so much love to give and is super smart. If you use Instagram you can follow her at @velothedoodle and see more! 
We couldn't be more grateful to you for bringing her into our lives.
All the best,
Milana, Jbeau and Velo

UPDATE: 01/07/17
Jessica….I was rereading all the materials that you provide about your dogs and the way you raise  them. Of particular note were the personality aspects that you pursue with your puppies. In reading this, these elements all registered with me as to how ACCURATELY they relate to our Bodi. Body is sweet as sugar, curious, intelligent, mischievous, athletic, fun loving and would never hurt a fly, as they say. He gently takes food from our hands, never snaps, and is extremely affectionate. Just wanted to let you know how truthful and accurate your statements are……we love our Bode to death and can’t wait for him to have a playmate and new friend.
Be well…..Michael

01/01/17  (Wendy x Aussie Pup)
Dear Jessica and Nelson,
Back in August of 2014 our lives were forever changed for the better when I picked up our puppy from you at the baggage claim in the Sacramento airport, when Bodi came into our lives. All we know is that there could not possibly be a more wonderful, sweet, loving, fun and intelligent dog/friend/companion…. WE ARE MAD /CRAZY/IN LOVE WITH HIM.  So we are now thinking it might be time to give Bodi a playmate. As you can see he is a true apricot color and he weighs 23 lbs and is now two and one half years old. We are thinking about taking another puppy home in the early fall, give or take, and would like another large mini-small medium like Bodi, but ideally with some different color options or at least with marking, to differentiate them a bit. Please get back to us when you can, no rush, enjoy new years day. Hope this email finds you both well and excited about 2017.
Thanks so much, Michael and Nancy

12/31/16 (Ginger x Fonzie pup) Hi Jessica & Nelson - Realized it's been awhile since we sent pictures of our Zin/Riley -- here he is at thanksgiving and our Christmas card. We continue to love him dearly and are so glad to celebrate his 1 year birthday in just a few days! Hope you both are having wonderful holidays!
- Kim & Dan

Merry Christmas to you and all of your beloved doodles. We are so in love our Lucas (Hagrid, from Ginger and Mavericks litter). 

We have been meaning to give you updates and always think of pictures we want to send to you, however we have been so busy playing with and loving our pup. He is 21 weeks old today and weighing in at 25.6 lbs! He is spunky, can do a lot of tricks, and loves to play keep away. He had his final shots last week and is looking forward to his very first walk in a few days and a trip to the groomers so he can see again! He loves belly rubs and sleeping on the couch at your feet. We love him so much and we are very grateful that he is a part of our family.
We hope you are all doing well and that your home and hearts are always full of puppies. 
Ron, Michelle, Mindy, Max, Sidney, and Lucas 
*You can follow him on Instagram @lucas_doodle 

(Lucy x Maverick Pup) 12/24/16
 Hi Jessica and Nelson,

We hope you both enjoy the holidays! Here are some pictures of Sasha (formerly Sarah),  including a picture of her loving the snow.  She's quite a character and we love having her around.
Take Care,


(Lucy x Anakin Pup) 12/20/16
This is our Westley with his doctor! Everyone loves Westley and he loves them! He is so handsome! I can't believe he is ours! He is very smart according to his trainers. He is such a great boy!
My expectation was exceeded with this little boy! He was worth waiting.
Sharon K

(Chili x Maverick Pup)   12/20/15
Hi Jessica!

Happy Holidays!  We wanted to let you know that we are totally smitten with our newest addition, Ginger (formerly Glory).  She has gotten so big!  She is 14 weeks old and weighs 13 pounds.  She fits in perfectly with our family and has brought us so much joy!  She is totally potty trained, is a great sleeper and loves to run, play and eat!   We can’t thank you enough for breeding such a wonderful puppy :)  Love, The Turner Family

UPDATE: 03/12/17 (Rosie x Fonzie Pup)
These pictures were taken the day after he had a haircut. His coat even prettier as it gets a bit longer. You are right - it is super silky. He can be a handful (especially when he grabs my bra and runs around the yard) but he is best at cuddling.  I don't know if you remember but my husband was diagnosed with early stage Altzheimer's and I thought having a puppy would be good for him. And although Riley and him have a very good relationship - Riley has bonded very closely with me and has been a great comfort and focus for me. Like Fonzie he is a very special dog and I love him dearly. Here are a couple recent pictures of Riley. At 7 1/2 months he's about 22 lbs and not quite 17" tall. He is full of energy and keeps us smiling (most of the time) with all his a antics. Wherever we go he is admired and many people have asked for 'our breeders name'. I think most are impressed with his red color and white markings. He really is a 'Handsome' boy. We are grateful to have Riley in our lives. Thanks, Sue

(Rosie x Fonzie Pup) 12/05/16

Riley has now been part of our family for a little over 2 months. He has been to 'Puppy Manners' class through ARF and will be attending 'Basic Manners' after the holidays. This is his most recent picture - just had his first bath and trim. As predicted he is very cuddly and full of energy. He loves people and other dogs. He has been a great addition to our family.
Happy Holidays,

(Savanna x Maverick Pup) 12/05/16
Hi Jessica and Nelson,

Hope you are all well and thriving. Whale (Remi) is a wonderful pup. He is happy and rambunctious. He’s also very big. We do not think we have a miniature on our hands, but he’s fun and learning to be obedient. 
Happy Holidays!
Best wishes,
Julie R

Hi!    11/26/16
Just a quick hello and to let you know Cody (born "Merlot" of Ginger and Fonzie) is really enjoying his first snow up at Tahoe.  He is wonderfully sweet, crazy-smart, and is the perfect addition to our family.
Here's a photo of him on our walk early Thanksgiving morning.  The snow is lovely powder.  I purchased a jacket for him for when it snows, but we've quickly discovered when it's not snowing -- he runs so much he's plenty happy and warm / tail doesn't stop wagging ☺️.
Kim and family
Meant to send you one more of Cody... he didn't mind his Halloween costume at all.  Went to school with me proudly wagging his tail and all the school kids loved seeing "Super-Dog". :)

UPDATE: 01/22/17 (Ginger x Maverick Pup)
Hi Jessica and Nelson,
Happy New Year!
Soufflé ( Luna- GingerXMaverick) is almost 6  months old and we enjoy every single day with her! She is very friendly, playful, funny, energetic, athletic and super sweet!  We are very happy she has joined our family!
Thank you and have a wonderful 2017!
Hi Jessica and Nelson,      10/25/16
Soufflé ( Luna-Ginger/Maverick puppy) is now 12 weeks old and she is doing great!
She is already a social butterfly and is a big hit everywhere she goes. 
She is making a good progress with training as well, and now she can sit, lie down, come( sometimes:) and understands 'off' although this one is still pretty tricky for her..She has been doing a very good job with potty training, too!
She has brought such a joy to us and we enjoy spending time with her everyday!
Thank you so much!
Yoko H 
Thank you, Jessica!
Yes, she gets so much attention and every single person who meets her wants to adopt her! I can't remember how many times I was asked where I got her from.. She is so good with people( all different kind) and with other puppies and friendly dogs. She also has met other animals, too.
I made so many new friends through her! Pretty amazing!
Hope all is well with you. Take care!

05/13/17  (Rosie x Fonzie) Maggie update:
Maggie continues to be a show - stopper wherever she goes. At 9 months she is about 19lbs and 16" tall. Her coat is SO super silky and always commented on by those who pet her. She loves people and other dogs and gets offended when people walk by without giving her attention. She is so adorable and her tail is always wagging (happy girl) we find it hard to believe that anyone could ignore her. 
Going to the dog park where she can play ball (would play for hours), is one of her favorite activities. She also likes to chase and bark at the squirrels in our courtyard and can jump a good four feet off the ground! She is my little shadow and follows me around the house even when I think she is sound asleep. Attached are pictures of her with her favorite things and her favorite resting place! Every day she continues to entertain us, make us smile/laugh, and bring us joy!
Warm Regards,
Melissa and Gary

  (Rosie x Fonzie Pup)    10/07/2016
Hi Jessica and Nelson,

I wanted you to know how much we love Maggie and that she is doing very well. Crate is now a place we go in for our naps ( voluntarily), she knows three words(treat, Maggie and sit), and potty training is progressing nicely! She loves dogs and people, playing fetch, and tug-a-war! Best of all, dry in her crate the last four mornings! She is a delight and one very smart puppy!!!!

Warm Regards from,
Melissa, Gary, and Maggie


UPDATED PIC -12/25/16

(Ginger x Maverick Pup)
UPDATE:  12/05/16
Happy Holidays !!!

I wanted to send you some updated pictures. Ruby is still just the sweetest thing . We love her so much ! 

UPDATE: 10/13/16     
Just wanted to update you guys on RUBY!
She's been such a wonderful addition to our family . My kids are just in heaven with her around. RUBY is such a smart girl , going potty outside, no more going potty in her crate . RUBY already knows sit and sit/down commands. She absolutely loves to play in the water, and gets along great with other dogs ( with my parents dogs anyways :) , we still haven't taken her out in the big world yet )  We just took her to the vet for her second round of shots and everyone  couldn't get enough of her. The Dr was so impressed by her beauty �� she also checked out perfectly healthy .  I hope to send you more pictures soon !
Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy!! 

❤️ Samantha, Brandon, Haven , Barron & puppy RUBY ��

09/27/2016   Wanted to let you guys know Ginny now "RUBY"

Is doing great !!! She's the sweetest dog !!!! 
She's been so great with the kids and has been going potty outside like a pro. 

I'll send some pics for you 


(UPDATE ON RIO 6/26/17)  Happy birthday to our sweet Rio! It's hard to believe she is already a year old. We love her so much. We are actually out of the country for 7 days and our good friends are watching her. They knew we were bummed about being gone for her first birthday so they made her a bday hat and she got to sit at the table with special doggy treats! 

UPDATE: (Savanna x Maverick pup) 04/13/17       Rio playing with "Rio". This is a stuffed animal of one of my son's, which we bought last Valentine's, four months before adopting Rio. We find it pretty funny that one of her favorite toys looks just like her:)

UPDATE: (Savanna x Maverick Pup)      12/25/16

The cutest 6 month old ever! We love this dog more than we ever thought we could. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Jenni, Alan, Dylan, Nicolas And Rio
UPDATE 10/26/16      Hi,
Hope you are well! I see maverick and Savannah will be having another litter. I can't wait to see how adorable the puppies will be. Rio graduated from "Puppy Training 1" last night. She is growing sooo fast. 10.5 pounds. She knows sit, shake, lay down, stay, leave it and drop it pretty reliably now when there aren't distractions around. She walks well on a leash for daily walk.  As you can see in the picture, she LOVES water! About every other day she ends up with wet feet from the shower:) bath time is something she likes, especially the hair dryer  lol. 
How are her siblings doing? Do you have a picture of Otter and seashell? 
Take care,
UPDATE:  09/28/16 Hi,
Rio is getting better and better on a leash. She is really starting to love her daily walks and has completed 2 weeks of puppy training class. 
Hope you are well
UPDATE: 09/09/16She has been the best addition to our family!! She loves her belly rubs and is adjusting to life with cats too. I can't believe how big she is, I swear she has gained a few pounds and a couple of inches. Before we know it, she won't be our little baby anymore. Her next check-up and shots are on Thursday so we will see how much she weighs. 

Love Jenni 
Hi Jessica and Nelson,   08/22/16
We are doing well and settling in to our life as puppy owners. Rio did well all the way home and immediately used the potty outside. We had our first vet appointment today and all is well. Healthy, happy and loving. 
Will keep you posted on our journey with her. 
Thanks again for a beautiful little girl, we love her so much already. 
Jenni, Alan, Dylan and Nicolas 


02/16/17 (Pippi x Maverick Pup)  
We did the new Golden One Center's Instagram with Ollie as a guest instagramer at the Kings game last Friday. He was a huge hit and we had at least a half dozen people ask who his breeder was! You can see all the photos we did with him there here (scroll down a bit, can't miss them!)-

Chris S

09/03/2016 Hello! Wanted to share some of the first photos of Ollie at home today, also we started an Instagram for him. You can find it on Instagram under @oliver.fynn

Hi Jessica and Nelson,  08/28/2016

We just wanted to let you and Chili know that Damsel (now known as Jirachi) is doing great.  She looks so much like her mommy and has Chili's sweet temperament. Jirachi is almost six months and she weighs 31 pounds.  We can't believe how much she has grown!  Everywhere we take her (park, walks, Monterey, Carmel) people of all sizes and ages stop what they are doing and want to meet her.  Everyone says she is such a beautiful dog, and we agree with them!  She is very smart, gentle, and athletic.  Jirachi has brought so much joy to our family and we wanted to thank you and Nelson for doing such a great job breeding wonderful puppies like Jirachi. We love her to pieces.  We saw on your website that Chili is having another litter soon. If Jirachi wasn't so young we would get another one in a heartbeat. 
Grant, Tammy and Sean

P.S- Attached are pictures of her.  The first one was when we first got her and the last one is what she looks now.  We can't believe she used to be so small. 

08/27/16  (Ginger x Fonzie Pup) Thought you'd like to see this little guy growing up, now almost 8 months old. He was just groomed that day. He now weighs about 30 pounds. He is one sweet, loving, adorable, funny guy, and also a scoundrel and thief (especially of shoes). No puppy is perfect!

Cheers from Bowie and Gale

UPDATE (Savanna x Maverick pup)      11/10/16
Hi Jessica and Nelson!  
Here are a few pictures of Jedi (Shark). Getting close to 5 months old already - can't believe it! We are still so happy with him!!
Elaine B

Hi Jessica & Nelson,   08/25/2016
How are you?! Just thought we'd give you an update on Shark - we named him Jedi - and to thank you for our wonderful puppy!! He's been so happy and cuddly and bouncy and adjusting to life here really well! He had his first vet appointment and was perfectly healthy. Everyone wanted to cuddle him! Thank you so much for all the care you put into your dogs and puppies - we really enjoyed getting to meet all them all (and you!) at your house! We are SO happy to have little Jedi as part of our family!!
Thanks so much!
Elaine & Josh and all 5 kids!

PS Here are some pictures! He's loving running around in the yard - playing ball and getting dirty! And the kids just adore him as well!

Hey Jessica!     08/21/16 (Chili x Anakin Pups)
Here is Tuna and Yellowtail meeting in SF! Feel free to share this on your Facebook page. Hope all is well. 

Hope you are well! Wanted to provide a quick update on Olive (formerly Nirvana - Dharma x Anakin)...

Olive was spayed on 8/5/16 (proof attached) - everything was routine and she's recovering nicely at home. 

The past 5 months with Olive have been an absolute blast!! She has the sweetest personality and would spend all day slobbering us with kisses if we let her. She's done very well in all her puppy classes and socials -- even though she's only about 19lbs, she always picks the biggest puppy in the room to play with, very feisty!

Olive is FILLED with puppy energy now that she's a little older and has become our little weekend warrior, coming with us on lots of hiking and camping trips. Her favorite trip to date has probably been Carmel Beach, though she won't go anywhere near the water. 

We've attached a handful of our favorite pics - she can be tough to photograph because of her dark color, but in the right light it's obvious she's a cutie!

Thanks so much,
Michelle & Louis

Hi Jessica,    07/27/2016
Hope all is well.  Attached please find our vet's paperwork regarding Merlot (we named him Cody) neuter performed yesterday. Cody's parents mom Ginger and dad Fonzie.
Cody is everything we hoped for.  He is the perfect addition to our family: sweet, happy, smart, loyal, and active.  I've also included a couple of photos of him from a month ago in Lake Tahoe.  We discovered Cody loves to dig holes in the sandy beach and then peer into them like an ostrich.  He's taken to the leash very easily, and has been on many, many walks.  We purchased a REI doggie pack and the first time we put it on him (empty so he could get used to it) he pranced around... Super proud of himself! Another photo of him hiking with us above Tahoe with his doggie pack on.
Best regards,
Kim & Adam


Hi!!!  07/25/2016
We are so happy with Izzie (minnow!)
Thanks again for such an amazing dog.
She just finished puppy class and will move on to some level 1 training soon. She learned sit in one day and is a little champion! She has started losing her puppy teeth! Loves to run and play. Gets along great w other dogs and friends!
Here are some photos of her first four months!
We love her!!! 

We wanted to send you the latest pictures of Rory. He is such a wonderful fun dog.

Thanks for breedi
ng such great dogs.
The Dempsey's

Hey Jessica and Nelson!               07/02/2016

I wanted to update you on Asher he has been amazing and is slowly approaching his first birthday. I have to tell you everywhere we go be gets stopped because people just have to pet a living breathing teddy bear.

We have finally mastered crate training and potty training has been amazing with no accidents in the house for weeks! He has to be one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met and is quickly learning and developing a funny quirky personality. To say he is a tester of the rules is an understatement but it's too be expected at his age and with his energy level but at the end of the day he is the sweetest dog who looks so lovingly into people's eyes and I'm so happy to call him mine. Rebecca


Hey guys!               07/01/2016
 I just wanted to share some pictures and some information on how my lil Dude is doing.:) Im absolutely in love and couldn't be happier. Hes a smart and sweet boy and he is my shadow. Where ever I am Dude is sure to follow. I just wanted to thank you again for creating such a gorgeous and lovable bloodline.:) Anyways here are some pictures! He sure has grown! 


Hi there,           07/01/02016   (Lucy x Anakin Pup)
Just want to let you know Riley (North) is doing fantastic and we are just delighted to have her in our life. It's our first dog so it's been quite a experience but we're learning as we go to be the best parents for Riley.
Here are some pics.
First pair of shoes she destroyed. ��
First time walking outside
First bath
In the playpen with Sai
Hope you both are doing well and we'll keep you updated on Riley!
Johnny & Sai

Hi Jessica & Nelson,       06/16/2016 

Tomorrow will be the 5th month old mark for Manji.  A couple quick updates for you guys. First we named him Dude!  He has just been an awesome puppy.  So fast to train in every way, and is even better at fetch and walking on a leash than most adult dogs!

I've attached a couple pictures of him, also look him up on Instagram! His account name is dude.the.doodle

We just had him weighed, he is 13.1 pounds.

UPDATE: 07/06/16
A few snaps from Independence Day with our cutie!  

Brix is doing great -- fully potty trained and losing puppy teeth like they're going out of style. He is now fully vaccinated and doing wonderfully in puppy obedience classes.  He picks up new tricks like a genius, is as quiet as a church mouse in the car, and loves to play fetch and dig in the sand at the beach. 

Shayla, Andrew, and Brix

Hi Jessica and Nelson,              06/04/2016

We have officially had our little guy for a month and thought it was fine time for an update!

Rhino is officially now "Brix."  Brix is a measure of sugar content in wine grapes and he certainly has a high degree of Brix!  With Andrew in the wine business we thought it would be a very appropriate name. 

Brix is an absolute joy.  Our ride home from your house he slept like a baby the whole way home and he continues to be an absolute champ in the car.  We cannot believe how easy it has been to crate train him.  His first night home he explored his crate unprompted and quickly began stockpiling his toys in it.  After about 5 minutes of whining his first night he settled right down and now he happily sleeps in his crate at night and when we have to leave for a bit.  

All other training is going well.  He continues to have fewer and fewer accidents inside and definitely knows his potty spot outside.  He can sit, lay down, shake, and roll over and we are working on strengthening his stay and come.  He attends puppy preschool each weekend for unvaccinated puppies and it's just about the cutest thing to see him play with all of the other pups.  We can't wait until he gets his last round of shots in 3 weeks so that he has full clearance!

He is a smash hit every where we take him.  Cars have even stopped when we go around the block in our neighborhood to shout how cute he is.  He seems born to take photos and already has his own Instagram account (@brixadoodle) where everyone can ooh and ahh over his cute self!

I have attached some photos here. :)   We also wanted to see if any of his litter mates ended up in the Bay Area?  If you know of anyone who is open to a playdate we are definitely up for it!

We hope all is well. Have a wonderful weekend!

Shayla, Andrew, and Brix


Hi Jessica & Nelson,    05/23/16
We purchased one of your puppies five years ago, coco boy.  We have been the very happy family of Matix ever since and we think he would love to have another dog to play with and love.  He is a super mellow, well socialized dog.  We walk him at least once every day and he has a large, fenced yard that he likes to play in.  We do keep him inside most of the day as he is primarily what we call a "couch" dog.  I am attaching a picture of him playing at the beach.

Hi guys,     05/19/16 

Here's Bhodi swinging with my little friend.  We have finally gotten through the potty training stage.  It was hard and I was starting to think it was never gonna happen then all of a sudden I feel like he got it. Thank god.  

He's pretty mellow for a puppy and learns so quickly what I want from him.  He doesn't jump up on people anymore with just a little practice and knows how to sit and lay down on command without any formal training. He's so sweet and he's getting so big.  He looks a lot like dharma.  Everyone loves him.  I have a little friend with autism who is 12 and afraid of dogs getting too close,  bhodi is so good with him. We have been hanging around him a lot lately.   He recognizes that he's afraid of him and never gets too close.  For a puppy that's pretty amazing.  

I can't wait to take him camping and swimming in the river.  He likes the water. 
Having him has been so much fun.  He goes to day care a couple times a week for a few hours and has so much fun.  
We're working on the barking,  but it's getting better.  
Thank you so much! 

Updated with more pics:


05/16/16 Thanks so much. Yes we will .We are enjoying her very much. She is so mellow and calm and at the same time playful. Here she is with her sisters. -Jill

He made it home!! Remington Steele "Remy". 
Three happy kiddos with one tuckered puppy! Thanks so much for everything. I will be in touch :) ~Katy

Hi Jessica,   05/07/16

I'm astonished!  Jazzy is already peeing and pooing on her pads or outside unsupervised.  Almost potty-trained! She knows how to sit, stay, lay down, come, and shake already!  She loves her peanut butter.  It has only been a week!  She is also a superstar on Instagram. See pic attached. -Abhi 

Hi Jessica and Nelson!   05/01/16
Thought I would share some photos of Jazz (Tuna) Jairam.  She is already following me around everywhere. Prefers to nuzzle against my legs vs. her crate. In fact,  she hates her crate during the hot days but deals with it in the night with a little whining during the night but not bad at all.  Do you think I should try to keep her in the crate during the day more? She is already pee-ing outside and prefers pooping on her pads.  Smart girl already knows how to sit, stay, and play fetch!
Best, Abhi

Jessica and Nelson,   04/30/16

It was really nice meeting you and all your dogs/puppies yesterday and thanks so much for Milo (Yellow Tail). She is the sweetest little puppy. After being a little anxious and fussy for the first couple of minutes, she slept like a baby through the remainder of the car ride. She also slept through the night except waking up a couple of times to eat and pee. She is adjusting very well - her eating schedule is pretty much back to normal today and also did not show any signs of anxiety or nervousness today. She is such a quiet and calm baby and doesn't cry at all (except when we tried putting her in the crate and playpen. We still need to work on that).

She has already found her 2 favorite corners in the living room. And since this afternoon, she really likes relaxing and sleeping in the patio. We are hoping that we can bribe her with peanut butter to lure her into the playpen tonight ( she simply loves peanut butter, and is definitely lot more motivated by food than toys).

We are absolutely enjoying every moment with her and thank you again so much for the wonderful gift. I have attached a picture and a short video clip for you to enjoy.

Take care,
John and Meena

  Dear Jessica:      06/07/16

Thought you might like this photo of Shiraz (Bowie) today after his first "big-boy" haircut.  I am also attaching a photo from this morning, the "before" after he finally figured out that he could jump on the bed.

He is absolutely gorgeous and sweet.  

Hope all is well.



Thought you might like these 2 photos of Shiraz (family name Bowie).  In the 2nd one you can see he likes playing in the garden.  
He has had 2 puppy classes and is demonstrating his social skills, and intelligence! He's gained a few pounds and growing quickly. Thanks for bringing him to us!
Cheers, Gale

Thank you Jessica.     03/14/16

Our family named our furry love-bug "Cody" and he is playful, smart, and a total joy for all of us.  He's already learned to sit, come (90% of the time), and doesn't mind a leash as we're introducing Cody to it for all the walks we have planned after our vet gives the "ok" to get out and about // after second round of shots. 

Here's a few photos of Cody... Loves his bully sticks (thxs for the advice), enjoys our patio when we roll around  our basketballs and tennis balls for  him, enjoys all of his new toys, and we love being with him. 

Thank you again,
Kim and family 

Dear Jessica & Nelson, 02/14/16

We first met almost four years ago when we came to pick up TASHI DELEY.  Born to Aussie & Sophia on April 21, 2012, Tashi  is a male, medium chocolate brown, curly haired terrific dog.
We had been the previous owners of 5 golden retrievers over a span of 30 years, and Emma was a companion to Tashi for his first 2 years.  

Yes, we were head over heels with all of our previous dogs.  Tashi however is different.  Is it the way he tilts his head when we talk to him?  Or his compelling eyes, so human-like, that look into ours with love and affection?  Is it the many positions we find him sleeping on his back, often calling one another to come and look how adorable he appears.  Is it finding him comfortable curled up on every bed, and every sofa and chair both inside and outside the house.  Is it his exuberance whenever we come home, beyond excited, his tail wagging as if years had gone by when perhaps it was only minutes or an hour as he runs to retrieve one of his favorite toys and runs back to us so pleased.  

Tashi has a great life.  Barry and I both do most of our work from home.  The morning begins either with Barry and Tashi enjoying a three mile run on the fire roads of the Santa Monica Mountains.  Alternately, Tashi and I either walk for 45 minutes or visit the dog park.  During the days he follows one of us around the house, sometimes accompanying us on errands.  He has a large yard to run free and has a swimming pool to cool off in the summers.  We go to Mammoth three or four times a year to hike in the summers and read and play in the snow in winters.  

We miss watching Tashi enjoying the companionship of another dog in the house.  It is impossible to be as playful when you are an only dog and to have someone else furry to curl up with when we you are left alone for a few hours.  

AND SO we would like to adopt another labradoodle.  I have trained 6 puppies and at this point I prefer a dog a little older!!  We would like a small or medium size dog.  We are not certain if a male or female would be the better choice for our male.  

We look forward to hearing from you, Barbara

Happy New Year Jessica!  01/01/16
We are overdue to send you the pictures of 'Cookie', now known as "Rosie" in our house.  She is a huge hit with the kids and full of energy and personality.  She's been on roadtrips to San Diego with us and is enjoying her new home in the SF Bay area (though still not 100% house broken).  She's about 10 lbs now, had all her shots and just finished her first grooming .... vet thinks she'll max out just at or below 20 lbs.  She is adored by all ... thank you.
We might be wanting to explore a brother/sister for her to play with in 2016, so please keep us in mind for upcoming litters or young adults for adoption (< 2 years) that will be medium in size (~ 35 lbs).  Thanks. -Todd

Hello Jessica,     11/29/15

I thought you may want to see this pic we plan to use for our Christmas card this year.  Little “Cookie”, now “Rosie” has been such a joy to all of us! :)  We adore her and she is growing up very nicely - this pic was taken at 12 weeks.
I’m so happy we connected with you and got such an amazing addition to our family.
All the best, Todd

Jess & Nelson- 10/25/15
One year ago today Tatum came home. Time flies. As you can see she's grown a few planks worth on the deck :) She's a leggy one for sure. She has turned out to be such a sweet, calm, fun, well-behaved and wonderful dog. And beautiful to boot! Thanks again for breeding such great dogs - you guys are the best!


RE:  Chewbacca (Jupiter) from Goldie’s January litter
Hi Jessica-   10/21/16
Chewie has been a wonderful addition to our family, and the kids are very bonded to him.
I’ve attached the paperwork we got from our vet following his neuter surgery. 
I’ve also included a few recent pictures of him, so you can see what a handsome fellow he’s become.  Please let me know if you need anything else from us. Thanks again!

Well, we went to our first doggie evaluation before we start training and the trainer said Cinni has a very special temperament and that we should plan on her touching many lives as a therapy dog.  She is so sweet and intuitive and appears to be receptive to training so far.  She also said we were very fortunate because she frequently has desperate labradoodles moms who need major help because their doodles are out of hand and high strung. 

We wanted to thank you so much for Tulip. We've renamed her Honey Lemon and she's become a wonderful addition to our family. I can't picture our lives without her. 

I've attached some pictures of her. -Amanda

Hi Jessica and Nelson,        8/14/2015

It's been quite a long time since we've last chatted, just wanted to let send you proof of Neuter for Earth from Goldie/Anakin's litter this past March per your contract and just give you a tiny update. First off I'll just start off my saying that my life has changed for the better ever since. He's a pure joy to have in the family, and we all love him dearly. He's also a ball of energy, so we're working on training and talking lots of dog walks. He's a little over 6 months now.
His new name is Russ, and here is the attached copy of my invoice for his Neuter appointment yesterday. Please let me know if you need further proof or documents, and thanks again for this little gift.

All the best,
Gabby C

Hi,        07/10/15

Some photos of our little fluffy boy (Pluto). 6 months old and currently 18lbs and just an absolutely adorable animal. Fully potty trained and not a single complaint about our boy. Kids love him and they destroy him daily but he takes it like a champ. Getting his man jewels removed 7/16  = (

Enjoy the photos!

Pete and Gale

Hi Jess,        04/14/2015

Willis (Pluto) is the chillest dog ever!!!  Nearly potty trained but the overall, the cutest and the calmest puppy I've ever seen. = ) 

Hi Jessica!                   04/11/2015

Here is Cooper (formerly known as Saturn!)!  He is just WONDERFUL!!!!  He has the most amazingly sweet personality and is such a love bug!  He is settling in nicely and is already soooo loved by us!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Catharine H

Good evening!            03/26/2015

I thought you'd enjoy this photo of Bo with my daughter, Grace. Aside from stealing socks, Bo is the perfect family dog. He is loving, obedient, and so fun! Bo is a happy, go lucky guy who enjoys picking the kids up from school. 

We couldn't be happier!
Maria S

Hi Jessica and Nelson,             01/23/15
Just wanted you to know that Ollie is doing great, what a wonderful dog.
I am in Hawaii until March it is beautiful here.  After being around Ollie, I can't wait to have  another Ollie in my life. 
Do you have any idea when you will be having another litter between Chille  and Fonzie or Chille and Anakin ?
You have my deposit for 1st pick .  Which  pair would have the best therapy dog ?  (Crazy question right ? ) 
I love Ollie's temperament .  I am so happy I was referred to you two. Have you had a picture of Ollie lately ?
I will send you some.   
Thank you
Julie J


Hi Jessica,    2/17/15

We are still working on some training issues - walking without pulling, not jumping on people, etc...
There are still occasional accidents with potty training, but over all he is pretty good. Freddy (Spicy Tuna) has very good personality - very friendly with dogs and people, loves everybody, not shy, not afraid of almost anything.
I did crate training so he is very comfortable with being in the crate.

Thank you very much,

Hi Jessica & Nelson!                   01/23/15

Tatum learning (and growing) so quickly! Last Friday she weighed in at a whopping 20.5 lbs.!

I wanted to share some really cute photos that her dog walker (whose company name is "The Fairy Dogfather"!) took over the past couple of weeks. She really is a beauty, and a real character. She loves hiding under the curtains when I'm working nearby on the computer. Also loves to sleep in in the morning, just like me - but I have to drag her out of her crate on workdays!

Last weekend we went to Crissy Field beach near the GG Bridge, where she discovered the joy of the chuck-it and retrieving tennis balls (she's good at it) - and she jumped into the ocean all by herself! clearly a water dog!

Anyway feel free to share these on your website if you like. If you need higher resolution let me know. 

Honestly she just could NOT be a better, sweeter, smarter pup. She's been housebroken for quite a while, uses her doggy door and now is going regularly outside on our walks too. She stops traffic everywhere she goes, and I've given several people your name who want one just like her! Of course I am completely smitten.

Looks like you have a busy time coming up with more pups on the way - best of luck to canines and humans alike! And thanks a gain for breeding such beautiful, sweet, smart and mellow labradoodles - you guys really are the best.


(UPDATE)  09/14/2015     Hi Jessica,   

Just to let you know we celebrated Milo's 1 year birthday in August and he is still going strong.  My husband and I absolutely dote on the little guy and he gives us all so much love in return.  You guys did a fabulous job breeding this amazing dog.  He has a great network of doggy friends in the neighborhood and we often get positive comments from passersby about his appearance and lovely nature.

Thank you so much for bringing Milo into our lives and all the best with your future pups.  If you ever need a reference for future owners, I'm more than happy to provide one.

Katyana C
Hi Jessica,       12/30/14

I just wanted to let you know that Milo is the apple of our eye(s), admired by all the neighbours and growing very nicely.
Coincidentally, we have met up with his brother Pooh Bear at training classes so we'll have to get a photo to you soon!
Milo is going for neutering next month so we'll get the copy to you as soon as that's completed.
We still follow your website to see how your breeding is going - the girls love seeing your new puppies.

Kind regards and happy new year when it arrives,
Katyana C

Hi Jessica   12/25/14
You may not remember us but 5 years ago we bought Charlie from you, his mom is Carmella and his dad is Washington's Cooper, he is Sophia's "twin", apricot with hazel eyes. He is such a member of our family and is seriously one of "the boys". He has three human brothers here, Bobby who is now 10, Nate who is 7, and Zachary who is almost 4. He has the best temperament and we couldn't imagine life without him. We have been talking about getting another dog from you guys and wanted to explore the guardian home option. We still live in Carmichael on about .5 acres. Charlie is inside while we are at work and has the run of the house and yard when we are home. Could you send us some more info on the program and whether you would consider us? We were also thinking that if we went with buying a dog outright we would like one from Sophia's line of puppies. Do you know when one of those would be available as well?
Many Thanks,
Miranda and Don L.

Hi Jessica,    12/20/14
It wouldn't be Christmas with out sending you both a note and hoping all is well.  Your "babies" are absolutely precious.  I always look to see the litters you have.
We are doing fine.  Dutchess is a happy pup and sure is loved.  She likes the big yard so she can run around and chase the squirrels and the deer.  She is doing well and remains healthy.  But of coarse you DO KNOW that I want the "pick of the litter" when we get a new baby.  Tim and I will drive out to CA to pick her up because one of your pups is special to us.  We will NOT get another from ANYONE ELSE!
Our older son is home for good from Afganistan and the younger one has moved here from CA so I have both my boys near me.   This is the first time in over 25 years that I will be able to have Christmas dinner with both of them.  That is my Christmas present from the good Lord.
Have you found another nursing position or are you at the same place?  Do you still enjoy being a nurse?  Even being the old fart that I am I still miss it.  lol
I know you are busy but again I wanted to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us here in Texas.  God keep you well and safe because I love you very much and think of you often.
Jo T

Hi Jess & Nelson!        10/31/14

We've had Ollie a year today and how wonderful it is!!! He's a joy and really completes our family!
Hope all is well with you!


                                                                                April 27th, 2013                                                                               
Hi Jessica!

Here is our dog, Bailey, now 1 year old!  He was "brownie boy" from Delilah and Aussie's litter last spring.
He is such a fantastic dog.  Everyone who meets him loves him!  He is so great with my sons.  Most of all, he has the best temperament: happy, calm, yet playful.  He loves riding in the car and going for long hikes.  He has certainly been a wonderful addition to our family.
I hope all is well with you and your family.  Thank you for giving us such an amazing dog!
Sarah R. & family

December 1, 2012





                                      August 31, 2013                                                                

It has been really hot here in MN so I had Hudson shaved for his "summer do". He looks like a different dog, but his hair is getting longer now -- just in time for fall. 

I was wondering if you get pics from other people that adopted his siblings --could you put them online? I would love to see what the other puppies look like. 

Everyone loves Hudson. He continues to be a really sweet dog -- not a mean bone in his body. You were right when I asked you what his personality was -- he is a happy, happy dog!  He is also a social butterfly at the dog park and day care. His only fault is that he would do anything for cat food --he even climbs the cat tree. Needless to say the cats do not like it. I have started putting him in his house when I feed the cats. 

take care Bonnie C.


December 1, 2012
Happy Holiday Season !

Enclosed is the latest picture of Jasmine.  She continues to be pure joy :) Thank you for bringing us her. Tammy H.

January, 30th 2012


Saw this cartoon about Labradoodles, and I thought you might enjoy.


Poppy Jasper continues to thrive. He’s 37 pounds and getting taller. Very sweet disposition, smart, and funny. He hikes 5 miles with me every week, digs for moles with abandon, and his best friend is a yellow lab. Very healthy. Drop dead gorgeous mahogany color (people stop me everywhere to comment on the color).


Do you know any Labradoodle-experienced groomers in the San Jose area? ? My hairdresser is starting a line of high end dog grooming products and wants to photograph him. Here is our boy at 11 months old. He has learned to go get us the paper!

Thank you for our boy.

Sherry H

December 25, 2011

Hi Jessica – hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday!


Here is Miss Molly 1 year later enjoying her 2nd xmas and another one of her helping us pick out a tree.



Ryan and Teri R.


December 25, 2011

HI Jessica & Nelson!
Wanted to share our latest picture of our doodles w/ you!  Kodai (Cody) the beautiful brown doodle was from Carmela's first litter!  He is absolutely gorgeous and a very sweet boy.  He DOES remain very curious, as you initially told us!  Gracie, our lovely white doodle  is Ms. Congeniality at Kaiser , Vallejo and visits the Med/ Surgical floors there.  (The tiny black doodle is Cyndr and is not an Aussie, but is sweet as well!)  We were looking at your website and thought we would send an updated picture of Carmela's pups for Christmas!  Happy Holidays to you both & honestly, IF we could have more doodles, we would! They are the very BEST!
Donna & Michael C 

Oct. 12th 2011
Hi Jessica,

Fozzie Bear turned six months today and wanted to send you a picture of him. A professional photographer has taken it at a dog shop's opening party. He's getting more and more handsome! We can't walk 10 feet with him without someone admiring him. He's now 32 lb so probably will be bigger, than 35 lb as an adult! He's not even that good of an eater (yet)... He's incredibly smart and has been fully potty trained for a month and a half. His best trick is giving high-fives that just makes everyone around him melt from so much cuteness :)I hope you guys are doing well with the entire labradoodle family. Thanks again for such an awesome little puppy, he's the most amazing dog I've ever met!

Warm regards,

August 21st 2011
Oh my gosh- where do i begin. She is amazing, we love her already. We picked her up @ the airport @ 10:03 am took her back to Tinas. She was a bit shakey in the back of her shipping crate/kennel, so we left the crate door open so she could come out when she was ready. It took more then 5 minutes so we went and got Charlie and put the leash on- and as soon as she saw Charlie she crawled out of the crate. (PICTURED BELOW) She had her tail down between her legs for awhile but eventually she perked up and had a fun day with Charlie loving her to pieces. Then we left Regina and went to Saskatoon(2 hour drive) she slept the whole way.Stopped in Saskatoon for a pee break then drove the rest of the way(1 hr 20 mins). she traveled  great. She met a few people last night and had a good night sleeping in her crate. she did not cry or whine @ all- got up and took her outside for a pee. We love her already and we will love her more and more each day! hope you are coping ok with her in her new home.:)


July 3rd, 2011
Hi Jessica!

Sorry I have not replied sooner - life has been busy, but I am now officially on holidays, so life is good!  First of all we want to say "Thank You" for Charlie!  She is so amazing, and it is hard to believe we have only had her for a week!  Each day she is more and more at "home" here and each day we love her more and more! She is such a smart girl, and is really getting the hang of going to the bathroom in her run, ringing her bell, etc.  She sleeps through the night and goes right into her kennel when we say it is bed time!  She can now go up the stairs and has almost mastered going down!  It is so cute!  She is so calm and well behaved, that people can't believe she is just a puppy! Her temperament is perfect for us!

She had her first vet check up on Thursday and everything was great! He said she is perfect!  She weighs 14.4 pounds.

I am attaching some pictures of her first week with us.  We will stay in touch - I am sure I may still have questions, and we will let you know how she is growing etc.  Do you still have cream boy?  If we had the money, we would buy him for my mom - she loves Charlie and would love a puppy of her own!

Hope all is well with you!  Thank you again!

Tina, Billy, Taylor and Will


July 3rd, 2011

Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to let you know our little girl is doing great.  She had learned to go potty outside on the lawn (her favorite place) she doesn't like the cement too well to do her business. We put her in her crate a few times a day, she whimpers a little sometimes then quiets down and is content to be in her house.  When our son came over to see her and she didn't know him she ran to her crate and got in and stayed there until she felt comfortable to come out. Last night she was so cute.  We put her to bed in her crate in the laundry room and left the door open and the dog barrier in the door way.  The next thing we know she is in walking around in the family room looking for us.  She had climbed the barrier and came to find us.  Tim couldn't believe it and started laughing when he saw her wagging her tail and went to find out if she has knocked the barrier over.  He just turned it around so she can't get a foot hold and she was fine because she couldn't climb it that way.
She loves to go outside and knows the word.  When I tell her "Dutchess you want to go outside" she runs to the gate and waits for me to open it then runs down the hallways into the laundry room out the door and then she runs like crazy down the dog run.  She is getting plenty of exercise running between Tim and I.
She knows her name and comes to us when we call her.  At least most of the time that's if she wants to.  She stays close to me and doesn't like it when I leave the room.  Tim says she whimpers and looks for me when I'm not around.  She has her toys spread out on the floor and loves to play fetch with her giraffe.  She sits and waits until I throw it then runs to get it and brings it back to me.  Then sits and waits for me to throw it again.
She is eating and drinking without a problem.  I give her some Canidae treats every once in a while but she seems to LOVE her dog food.  She is so mellow and sweet.  She is a smart cookie.  It doesn't take her long to learn things.  She listens when I talk to her as if she understands what I am saying.  lol 
She never goes too far away from me and loves to be in my lap.  She falls asleep next to me on the couch and loves it up there.  She has learned to jump off the couch when she wants to come find me in the kitchen.  She is getting plenty of attention, hugs and kisses.  Of course she loves to give me kisses.  She is getting used to Tim and will play in his lap and follow him around the back yard but always looks to make sure I am close.
All in all she is one happy puppy.  She knows she is loved and cared for and gives the same to us.  We can't believe how fortunate we are to have her with us.  You both did one hell of a job with her.  Right now she is lying on the floor next to my feet as I type this - fast asleep. She told me to tell you "she misses you but is happy here too".
You take care.  Love you.

(UPDATE)  July 10th, 2011

Hi Jessica,


Just wanted to let you know how Dutchess is doing.  She has been here a week and you would think she owns this place.  We let her have free access to the family room and the enclosed glass patio.  We put in a dog door panel from the patio to the back yard and she has learned how to go in and out of the dog door.  We take her out often and she does her business on the grass and has not messed in the house for quite a few days.

The family room has her basket with all her toys and she takes them out one by one and puts them on the floor so she can play with them.  She can jump off the couch but still needs help getting up.  She loves to sleep in my arms for long periods of time.  She is eating well and I am sure she has gained a pound or two.  I call her "rolly poly".  I hold her and brush her every other day and she doesn't seem to mind.  I wipe her off with doggy wipes and she loves it.  I was watering the yard the other day and she was chasing the water coming out of the hose so I shot her with a small spray of water and she came back for more.

All in all she is doing very well.  She loves her toys and likes me to throw her favorite ones so she can go get them and bring them back to me so I can throw them again.  Tim sent you the small video of her running on the grass.  Boy does she love doing that.  She has bully sticks which she chews on and you will find a few lying on the floor mixed in with the toys.  She sleeps in her crate at night and has learned how to fuss when she wants out in the morning usually between 4-6.  She "climbed" the barrier again last night so I guess I will have to put another gate there. She is one smart cookie!  lol

I love her to pieces and can't believe how sweet and loving she is.  Tim thinks she is the cutest things and really loves her.   You both take care.  Love you and thank you for my baby!


Jo & Tim

Dutchess (4 months old) over our house for a visit with her new parents Jo and Tim.

June, 28 2011

Hi Jessica,

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know what an amazing puppy Fozzie Bear is - that's his new name. He's a little clown and looks like a little bear stuffed animal :)
When he came home I gave him some food and he ate it all like an old pro. He didn't even cry the first night, instead, was excited and wanted to play! The second night he slept through without a potty break. He's already spent one hour in his crate today with minimal fuss and when I'm running errands, he's in a shoulder bag, just hanging out, super mellow. 
We totally lucked out with him! Thanks again :)

Patricia and Rafael

July 2nd, 2011

Hi Jessica!  Just thought I would send Stella's (aka Cream Girl) "graduation" picture to you--she completed the beginning training class at PetSmart.  (-:
She is 8 months old now!
Lynne S



Today our Coco is 1 year old! She continues to be pure joy! Still sleeps with & dad's bed, loves a car ride, & loves to be held like a big ole' baby! Coco weighs 38lbs & has the most awesome coat. I brush her almost everyday & she loves it!

Thank you for the love you have brought us & to you, continued success!


Debbie & Steve H.

Dallas, TX

(UPDATE) Jan 13, 2011


Just had to check in with you & brag on our precious Coco (May 09, Camilla & Charlie). This dog continues to amaze & bring our family such pleasure. She adapts to anything we decide to or any place we go so quickly. Our family drove to Vail, Co from Dallas for a second year in a row. Coco knows her CO home, with snow, & doesn't skip a beat with the drastic change in climate. She likes staying at the Holiday Inn Express to break up the trip into 2 days! She also likes the St. Regis in Houston where she gets a lot of attention.

She is great in the car and boat and she always wants to go.

The best treat for her is to be a baby (40lbs!) in her dad's arms. This is the most loving & humble little girl I've ever seen, her temperament is amazing. Of course, when we go out, people gush over her beauty!

Once again, thank you for sharing this delightful line of dogs with us.

Happy New Year & Regards

Debbie & Steve H.

Dallas, TX

P.S. I'll send more photos, Coconut does like the camera!


August 30th, 2011

As summer ends, I wanted to show you how much fun Coconut had this summer! This is a photo on the boat, celebrating the 4th of July with one of our grandsons! I hope you are able to view this photo, if not, I will resend. We love this baby girl so much, she's the smartest 2 year old dog we've ever seen. Hope all is well with your great business and Carmella, & Charlie!
Debbie H


May 03, 2010

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to show you pics of Joey!!  I can't imagine our lives without him!  He's incredible with the girls...he is SO sweet and funny!

The girls love to follow your website, and tell Joey when his "brothers and sisters will be born"!  Too funny! Hope you are good!  Feel free to use any of the pics!

Shelly C., CA

Jan 04, 2011

Hello Jessica-

This is Kristin, we picked up Jax (Jack) on Oct. 3rd from you and have been meaning to send you updates, however, it's been a little crazy around here with the holidays and family now I have the time to sit down and tell you how life has been for Jax (and us).  When we started thinking of getting a dog and started thinking of names, the name Jax was a favorite, so it came pretty natural to call Jack, Jax.  When we brought him home, we could tell that he definitely missed you and the other dogs that he lived with.  He seemed to be depressed for a good three days.  He snapped out of it when we kept taking him for rides in the car, on walks, to play ball outside (he's our catcher and outfielder) and to pick up my son Ashton from school.

He goes potty on the side of the house, but primarily stays inside.  Unless we are outside, he enjoys his oversized bed in the living room, sleeping in his crate, and playing with his football (that he got for Christmas) and slipper (he loves the squeek).  He also enjoys traveling around with his hot dog that he came home with. We have to make sure we put up our shoes, socks, and anything else that he likes to chew. Amazingly, he hasn't chewed his blue blanket that he came home with!   He used to get car sick, but has out grown that and enjoys his rides. He gets exercise just about everyday. We emprovise when it's raining and toss the ball inside for him.  He requires daily exercise.  My original plan to run with him went out the door, because shortly after we got him, I found out I was pregnant (with number 4).  So, my husband has ran with him and he does a great job walking on the leash. He is a big cuddle bug and loves other dogs and people.  Although we don't allow him on the furniture, occasionally, we'll hold him on our laps in our arms and he loves to be cradled like a baby.  He also will roll over when we walk by for a belly rub.  Everytime we take Jax somewhere, we are always asked what kind of dog he is and they comment how adorable he is....we have to agree.

During Christmas time, we had my in-laws here for two weeks.  Jax quickly won them over and they wanted to take him back with them! He has made a lot of progress with obedience and will sit, stay, get in his crate, get on his bed, go inside/outside, go potty on the side, get off (the counters or people), and drop it, on command.

Recently, we took a trip up near Pinecrest and he LOVED the snow!!!!!  He pounced around in it, buried his head and shoveled it, and ran and rolled around in it.  He definitely loves snow country.

He has been great with the kids, as well as, loved by all adults.  He is such a cutie and sweet boy.  He's also acquired some nicknames such as Jackson, Wacky Jacky, Jack Frost, Jackson Brown, and Jack.  We have been extremely pleased with Jax and everyone loves him.  He only barks when he wants out of his crate (having to go potty) or when he's been outside and wants to come in.  His favorite past times are sleeping, running, playing chase, and fetching the ball.

We've included some recent pictures of Jax.  I had more, but my phone isn't cooperating and I couldn't download them.  If you have any questions or if I haven't sent a recent update, feel free to contact me.

We hope your new year is filled with many blessings!


John, Kristin, Ashton, Kaeden, Londyn, Brynn (due in May), and Jax P., CA

February 12, 2011

Hi Jessica! We just wanted to send a couple of new Lila pics for you and to let you know she's doing great! We are taking her to puppy socials every week and we're working with a trainer (she's one smart cookie!). She continues to be the best part of our lives! Hope you enjoy!

-Melissa and Justin M., CA

Mar 05, 2011

Hi Jessica,

I just wanted to send you an updated picture of our Molly (4 1/4 months old).  She is the most beautiful, sweet, funny, playful, lovable little girl EVER.  We couldn't imagine our lives without her. Molly spends most weekends at the ball field and has become quite the little mascot. She is the LOVE of our life!

Teri R. ,CA

Jul 27, 2010

Hi Jessica-

Thank you so much for Brownie boy, aka Ziggy. He's a wonderful addition to our family and gets along great with our daughter. He adjusted so quickly! Hardly cried at all the first night! You have really bred a quality pup here- so smart. Already doing "come" and "sit" for treats. I'm especially grateful that you introduced the crate... He has only had one accident and it was our fault.

Thanks again!

Stacey S., CA


May 16th 2011

Hi Jessica,

I haven't forgotten about getting you pics, was just waiting for his coat to grow out after he was trimmed.  In the next couple of days I'm going to brush him out and bathe him and then he'll be ready for a photo shoot.   He is adorable, 47 lbs. and his coat is a wavy curl and more even in color than his mama Carmela's, but does have a couple of lighter and darker shades blended in.

He's now a year and a half old and is simply an amazing dog!  He is well tempered, affectionate, friendly, smart, obedient, playful, athletic, funny - friends, family and strangers fall in love with him instantly.  He is with me almost all of the time and is a great companion.  I can't thank you enough for all of the time and effort you put in to breed such a wonderful dog.  (Feel free to use this as a testimonial!).

It's been interesting to me to see the difference between an F1B (our dog Jet that we lost at 6 yr) and a multi-gen.  I hope to visit you this summer so you can see him in person.


PS  I wish I had the time to get another pup from you.

March 20, 2010

Hi Jessica -

An update on Ozzie -

We have been attending puppy class with him for the past several weeks.  He is by far the most advanced puppy in the class, although he is the youngest.  He is so calm we have had several class participants ask us how we managed to get a puppy that is so calm!  We have also had 2 people knock on the glass surrounding the puppy class (while it is in session!) and ask us what type of puppy he is.  He certainly gets attention wherever he goes. 

Diane A., CA


March 13, 2010

Hi Jessica,
Gracie went in for final puppy shot/rabies today. She is doing extremely well. Weighs in at 26 lbs. 10 oz. She is soooo smart....and her coat is really starting to get quite wavy!  She is also beginning to darken up .....she is just gorgeous!
Donna and Michael C., CA


February 16, 2011


Mocha is an amazing dog and a wonderful addition to our family. He has such a sweet temperament, we all just adore him. His coat has turned out beautiful. I will send some pictures asap !

Thank you,

 Heather E., UT

June 26, 2010

Hi Jessica:


I thought it is about time we gave you an update on Sorley Boy. He is now about 42 lbs at 7months and is a mass of chalk curls and fleece. He is just the sweetest little guy not stubborn at all and smart . He loves our other dog, Seamus and they have great runabouts and wrestling matches. He watches Seamus like a hawk and follows him everywhere . Likewise before Seamus goes to bed he always goes over to Sorley Boys crate and peers in. Everyone who meets Sorley Boy is so taken with him and his lively sweet disposition. I keep trying to persuade Sandy to get another boy but she says 2 is enough at least for now. Sorley Boy is exactly what you said he would be sweet intelligent and mellow. Your` new pups are so cute I could take them all.

Warmest Regards,

Jim and Sandy C., CA

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