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Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles
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 Labradoodle Story Tails 

 Breeding Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles with an emphasis on Temperament and Beauty. Our breeding Program Began in 2007


We raise only
 true Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles in 
size range of small to large MEDIUMS (22-45 lbs.) In All colors. We specialize in and breed towards the vibrant Red and dark Apricot colors with smooth, easy-maintenance FLEECE coats. 

Our Australian Labradoodle breeding dogs have been extensively health tested to protect against hereditary diseases. And more importantly, Our Labradoodles come from many generations of health testing which has effectively screened out common health issues and genetic diseases in our breeding lines.

Labradoodle Story Tail strives to produce the ultimate companion dog, whether for therapy/service work or just the perfect family pet. All our Australian Labradoodle puppies come to you with a microchip implanted, spay/neuter contract, current dewormings and vaccinations, registration papers with the ALCA and/or ALAA, and a two year health warranty for inherited disease.

  All of our breeding dogs are registered with the ALCA and/or ALAA or both and have proof of a
MultiGenerational Australian Labradoodle lineage
(see 'Our Labradoodles' page for our pedigrees)


Our breeding dogs are IALA/ALAA and ALCA DNA profiled. All of our breeding dogs have been DNA'd and their DNA profiles have been submitted to the IALA/ALAA and ALCA. This has been done to protect the buyer and support parentage identification.


Top 10 reasons to own an Australian Labradoodle

1.      Amazing coat! Virtually does not shed because they do not have an undercoat. It is also allergy & asthma friendly because it produces very little dander, plus it does not have that typical doggie odor and dirt falls right off when dry, its like magic!

2.      Temperament: ideal for the perfect family pet. Only true Australian Labradoodles were bred for therapy/service work. Our lines have a rich history of therapy dogs which has reliably produced calm tempered, easy going dogs.

3.      Australian Labradoodles are super smart, very eager to please and quick to learn. This means an easily trained puppy! Many of our previous puppy buyers report back to us that their puppy is the smartest and fastest learner in their training class.

4.      They are amazingly intuitive. They naturally have a keen sense on human emotion. My dogs have comforted me through hard times and literally turned my tears into hysterical laughter.

5.      They are outdoor lovers! Everything from swimming in the pool to hiking in the mountains. They have webbed feet and are excellent swimmers, and have the stamina for longer trail hikes.

6.      They come in every size and color! Miniatures, mediums and standards (we think the mediums are the perfect size). They come in a rainbow of colors: deep chocolates, creams, reds, blacks, chalks, cafes, apricots, phantoms, etc…

7.      Registered Australian Labradoodle breeders are highly regulated and held to strict standards to insure you as a buyer are getting what you pay for, because of this Australian Labradoodles have a very low incidence of hereditary problems.

8.      They are quite stunning to look at and they move with such grace. Their strut is full of pride, yet joyful bliss. Their flowing locks shine in the sun and blow in the breeze. Their eyes are captivating shades golden-hazel/ rich chocolate.

9.      They are born comedians! Always with a toy in their mouth & a wag in their tail. These dogs are as joyful as they are playful!

10.  Gentle nature. Australian Labradoodles possess a soft-mouth (this is a wonderful hunting trait). They are non-aggressive and completely melt when being held.

Labradoodle Story Strives to Continue to Produce the BEST Possible Australian Labradoodle Puppies with qualities this breed has become so famous for.

Are Australian Labradoodles a Mix Breed? 
All registered breeds began as mixes of other breeds done purposefully to create a new breed with specific attributes desired.
The Australian Labradoodle encompasses the Labrador Retriever's athletic, well balanced conformation, and its sporty, water loving nature. Along with the Poodle's intelligence and wonderful non-shedding, allergy friendly coat.

  Rutland Manor & Tegan Park in Australia are the founders of the Australian Labradoodle breed. These breeding research centers have infused a small amount of Cocker Spaniel and/or Irish Water Spaniel into some lines for development.
  Australian Labradoodles are known for their intellect, fun loving temperament, beauty and grace. They are certainly a new breed to be admired. 

To ensure that your Labradoodle puppy has a nonshedding (no undercoat), low odor, asthma & allergy friendly coat make sure you invest in an Australian Labradoodle with a Multi-Generational linage, which means at least 3 generations back in the pedigree are Labradoodles (great grandparents are labradoodles) and not just a Labrador Retriever parent & Poodle parent which is also known as F1, F1B etc... 
True Australian Labradoodles average 6-10 generations of labradoodles back in their pedigree that all originate from either Rutland Manor, Tegan Park, or Sunset Hills in Australia.

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